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Welcome to our first Fantastic Fiction for Kids post! I’m very excited about this project – pooling the knowledge and love you, I, we have about kids’ books, creating a great resource, and hopefully having some fun along the way!

infantbibliophile_bttonToday’s great list has been compiled by Lynn from Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile – all about trucks! Lynn loves to make quilts, knows all about cooking with care because of allergies in her family and has one son who is turning two this month. She created Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile to record and review everything they read together. Now, let’s get stuck in and see what Lynn and her Infant Bibliophile have to say about TRUCKS! 🙂

my_truck_is_stuck_frontcoverMy Truck is Stuck!, by Kevin Lewis. This cute picture book follows a dump truck full of bones that has gotten stuck, and the parade of characters (in all different types of vehicles – including, to our son’s delight, a bus) that try to rescue the truck. Our little guy has loved it since he first read it at 17 months, and I’ve added it to his birthday/Christmas list this year to buy our own copy.

trucks_go_frontcoverTrucks Go, by Steve Light. This fun, oversized board book was an instant hit with our son, and I find it great fun to read aloud. It features eight two-page spreads of different vehicles, along with text describing silly sound effects made by each truck (such as “the auto carrier goes rooooor roooor bumpada bumpada honk honk.”). The drawings are bright and cheerful, with a childlike simplicity.

Construction Countdown, by K.C. Olson. A fantastic counting book for the little truck-lover, with simple rhyming text to describe each two-page spread of vehicles. The ending is particularly delightful: a huge sandbox full of trucks fills the page as children play with all of the trucks mentioned throughout the book.

More truck books loved by Lynn and her infant bibliophile include:


Trucks Roll! by George Ella Lyon. (“Stop for traffic lights. Stop for tolls. Stop for pork chops and cinnamon rolls.”)

Truck Stuck, by Sallie Wolf. (“Let us through – we’re stuck, too! Jobs to do. / All stuck. Move that truck!”)

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks from A to Z (A Chunky Board Book), by Richard Scarry. (“watermelon truck…xylophone car…/yogurt car…and a zippermobile!”)

Now when you’re done with reading and what to get up and have a dance, there is no end of truck-related music! Here are some of Playing by the book‘s favourite truck songs:

  • Hard Workin’ Truck by James Coffey, from the album Lots and Lots of Trucks
  • Grandpa’s Truck by Eric Ode, from the album Grandpa’s Truck
  • Pickup Hiccup Truck by Jim Cosgrove, from the album Bop Bop Dinosaur
  • Truck Driving Man – lots of versions of this but you could do worse than the one by the Wood Brothers from their album Super 16 Hits: Keep On Truckin’
  • Truck Stop Rock by Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen
  • Photo: Joe Shlabotnik
    Photo: Joe Shlabotnik

    And whilst I’m sure you’ll have your own ideas about what truck-craftiness you could get up to, here are some fun truck projects I think would be great to do:

  • Make a monster truck like this one from the Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
  • Turn a milk carton (or similar) into a truck as per Origami Mummy – to whom many congratulations are due with the arrival of her lovely new daughter!
  • Check out Filth Wizardry’s take on Origami Mummy’s trucks: Toy cars and trucks from recycling
  • Use the toy trucks you have to make a truck track painting – you could take a look at Make and Take’s take on this fun activity
  • Photo: erix!
    Photo: erix!
  • If you haven’t got a milk carton you could try making some Little Cereal Box Pickup Trucks from Today is Fun!
  • Or how about a picture of a truck which will get your kids practicing their fine motor skills, from No time for flashcards (with 3 more truck book recommendations!)
  • All this crafting may make you hungry, so you could have a Fire truck snack from Enchanted Learning
  • And finally, before you head on out for some fresh air and a stroll in the park, perhaps it would be fun to make this fire truck costume for your kid’s pushchair from
  • Photo: Matti Mattila
    Photo: Matti Mattila

    Thanks again to Lynn at Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile for her lovely list of truck books, and for getting the ball rolling with Fantastic Fiction for Kids. Do pop over to her blog and say hello! And don’t forget to leave the title of your favourite truck books here in the comments

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    1. We’re so busy with mermaids this week but I can see this new feature is going to be a great resource with books and activities at one location when our kid’s develop a new interest.

    2. […] See original here: Trucks – a list of great picture books for kids | Playing by the book […]

    3. Boys just love trucks and other heavy machinery. (I know I did when I was a kid ;)). I’m going to see if I can get one of these books for my son.

      Funny to see such a collection there, because I’m currently working on a computer game with trucks and other heavy equipment. It’s called Big Bulldozer Game, and you’ll be able to play it together with your kids.

    4. Oh but you have leeft out our favoriate truck book, Duck in a Truck. Book marking this for when I need different things to do with the miniMads

    5. This is going to be a great resource …. Loving these truck books, every little boys dream isn’t it. Chuffed to see Richard Scary is still popular!
      Thanks Lynn for all these suggestions.

    6. Wonderful new series! I can’t wait to follow along!

    7. Wow! It’s great to see so many of you here already – clearly trucks resonate with you all! I have to admit that we don’t (yet) have any truck related favourites in our house, despite a passion for diggers and trains and aeroplanes. I’m certainly looking forward to reading some of Lynn’s suggestions.

    8. TheMadHouse, it’s funny you say that because I JUST commented on a review of Duck in a Truck yesterday saying we had never read it and would get it on our next library trip (which might even be today).

      Ashley, I don’t know what it is, but my son loves Richard Scarry’s books! He likes when we quiz him to find things.

      Zoe, thanks so much for the chance to play along!

    9. I also forgot to mention Richard Scarry’s big transportation book, in which kids hunt for “goldbug” on every page. My son loves that one so much that when our library copy couldn’t be renewed again due to someone putting it on hold, we had to order an emergency copy with two day shipping. 😉

    10. Thanks for including Truck Stuck in this great list of truck books. Love the addition of music and crafts and great photos of trucks. I’m dating myself, but two of my favorites were Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and Katie and the Big Snow, both by Virginia Lee Burton.

    11. Lynn (Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile)

      Sallie Wolf (for those paying attention, that’s the author!), I was thrilled to find the Katie book at our library booksale recently. I’d never read it but snatched it up when I saw Virginia Burton. Our son loves your book (as do I).

    12. This is a great post, Lynn and what a great idea for a series, Zoe! Things are pretty much all pink, all the time in our house (though we do have some Tonka dumptrucks!). Some of our reviewers have high praise for Seymour Simon’s Book of Trucks, Things that Move (Usborne First Words), and Little Blue Truck.

    13. I love it!! This was such a great idea, Zoe! And Lynn, I love your choices. We haven’t read any of them yet, so I have some new ones to add to our list. One truck book that we love is Red Truck by Kersten Hamilton. Can’t wait for the next installment! 🙂

    14. I just came from Lynn’s blog, and I’m so excited about this feature on your blog! What a fun post with lots of great book recommendations and activities. I love it!

    15. Here’s another lovely list of Truck books, at 5 Great Books – always a good place to go to if you’re after a themed list of books:

    16. Thanks for the link, Zoe!

    17. […] more truck books, sing truck songs, or do truck crafts! (see this awesome post by Playing by the […]

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