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Despite the fun and laughter I’ve distilled and held on to here on Playing by the book this week, it’s not been an easy week – plenty of illness and a complete dearth of sleep. I’m always grateful that any of you read my ramblings, but this weekend has seen 2 really lovely things from you that have turned my week around.

kreativ blogger awardFirst of all, Vanessa from Silly Eagle Books has been generous enough to pass on to me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you Vanessa! Silly Eagle Books always lifts my day – lovely reviews of great books and plenty of craftiness with Vanessa’s daughter Juliet, so it’s very touching indeed to receive this recognition from Vanessa.

As a recipient of this award I have to list 7 of my favourite things and then pass on the award to 7 other bloggers. It’s great to be made to think about lovely things when I’m feeling a bit blue and tired! So here goes.

7 things I love

  • Orkney
  • Shopping for fabric
  • Cooking/baking especially anything by Moro or Ottolenghi
  • Dancing, especially with the girls
  • The walk home from school after picking up M at the end of her day
  • Being woken only once in the night by little people!
  • Watching the birds and squirrels feast in our garden
  • 7 blogs to whom I’m passing on the award

  • Bilbified
  • Playscapes
  • Mummy do that!
  • In Need of Chocolate
  • Tastykaeru [Upfront admission: This is my sister’s blog]
  • Sewing School
  • We Are Here
  • So Vanessa cheered me up this weekend. And so did Kristine, who left a comment in response to my previous post with a link to this article by Mem Fox: . I urge all of you to go and read this article – it’s so passionate and funny and important.

    This week’s lack of sleep may have played a part in why reading the article Kristine linked to left me in tears. Like Mud, not Fireworks is a wonderful, inspiring, heart-wrenching piece of writing. BUT what has also touched me deeply is the very fact of Kristine’s comment and what it has given me. As Mem Fox writes in the piece Kristine linked to:

    As writers, we want among other things to arouse an audience, touch emotions, cause laughter, record events, make statements, tell our lives, ask favours, and explore who we are socially and politically, and we ache fora response that has at least a dash of passion in it, as an indication that we have connected in a real way with our intended audience.

    With Kristine’s comment on Friday I felt that spark of connection – that reaching out, stimulating, engaging connection which is precisely what I was hoping to foster when I started this blog; to create a small community with “real response[s] from real people” to borrow from the article once more. Kristine, *thank you*.

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    1. Sarah N.

      I am honored that you would pass this on to me! We’re battling sickness and sleeplessness here too so it’s wonderful to think about cheery things. I’ll post my 7 things I love later today ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. nixdminx

      Hi there – I just found you and noticed you’re new in the tots 100 – glad to see you there and also happy to discover your blog – we’re great book fans in our house but always keen to find out more.

    3. vanessa@silly eagle books

      I love your list! Only being woken up once a night is definitely a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Mem Fox and look forward to checking out her article. Glad you are feeling better and hope that you all get over your sickness soon.

    4. Kristine

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad the article came when you needed it. We use to have that article on CD at work and sometimes if I was losing faith in what I was doing I’d listen to it in the car on the way to work.
      I’m feeling a bit bashful about the award but thankyou. I’ll respond to it soon – I’ve kind of got a mental list of things to blog about. It’s a bit silly spending my time blogging about what I am doing doing rather then doing what I’m blogging about. (that reads like Dr Seuss but not so crazy)

    5. Kellyi


      Thanks for the award **blush**

      I am going to have a long hard think about my seven favourite things….could be tricky as I have lots of favourite things ๐Ÿ™‚

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