Fantastic Fiction for Kids – Cats! Part 2

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This week’s contribution to Fantastic Fiction for Kids comes from Ashley in Aberdeenshire. Ashley is a stay at home mum to her 3 boys, an avid scrapbooker (a hobby which in turn sparked her love of genealogy when researching the old photos she was trying to preserve), cardmaker and bookworm – she admits she has far more books than her house can actually actually hold!

Ashley’s book selection this week continues the great work started by Vanessa last week – another great list of cat themed books. Indeed some of the books you mentioned in the comments last week are those selected by Ashley – a sure sign that these books are wonderful and worth reading if you don’t know them already. So without further ado let’s get going!

the_mousehole_cat_frontcoverThe Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber illustrated by Nicola Bayley
The most beautifully illustrated of books, if you love Cornish fishing villages, cats or are looking for a Christmas story with a slightly different twist then I can wholeheartedly recommend this book. The story (based on Cornish legend) of Mowzer and her pet human who brave the worst of winter storms to bring food back for their village is truly touching and a visual feast. Quite a lengthy read so perhaps not suitable for the very young, but otherwise this is a standout childrens book worthy of a place in anyone’s collection.
Pusskins And Little Whiskers
by Sam Lloyd
The follow up to the wonderful Mr Pusskins, I find this book even funnier than the first. The expressions Sam Lloyd creates on Pusskins face are priceless. Mr Pusskins is naturally most put out when he receives a “fabulous surprise” and things initially don’t go too well with the new arrival. However the kitten does redeem itself and there’s a nice moral to the tale about admitting when you are wrong and acceptance. My baby adores this book and it’s predecessor, suitable for all ages really.
six_dinner_sid_frontcoverSix Dinner Sid by Inga Moore
Another beautifully illustrated book . Sid “belongs” to six different people and has to keep up quite a charade going from home to home, but it‘s well worth the effort for his six different meals.. He is of course found out eventually. Another moral in this catty tale about the importance of being neighbourly, so it can be enjoyed on several levels.
the_owl_and_the_pussycat_frontcoverThe Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear illustrated by Ian Beck. An absolute classic poem I think all children should be familiar with. A joy to read aloud. What exactly is a bong tree? And you’re almost guaranteed to be asked what is a runcible spoon?
mog_and_bunny_frontcoverMog and Bunny Judith Kerr
We used to have a real “Mog” so can totally identify with this lovable forgetful cat. All the books in this series are great but this title is the one my little one is currently really enjoying. Wonderfully old fashioned illustrations which remind me of my childhood. If you start with the first Mog book, the characters in the books grow up along with your own children.
In memory of Bentley, Ashley's much loved cat
In memory of Bentley, Ashley's much loved cat

Sorry – no music this post because of computer problems, but I do have some more cat activity suggestions:

  • Very cute looking cat cookies from Almost Unschoolers found via Unplug Your Kids
  • Dancing cats from From His Treasuries, also found via Unplug Your Kids
  • Cat’s Cradle – do you remember how to to this game?
  • A cat puppet from No Time for Flash Cards
  • And just in case you want some more cat book ideas here are some lists with other people’s favourite cat books:

  • Editor’s selection of cat books for children, from Macmillan
  •’s list of top cat books for families and kids
  • A great Kit Lit list from Cynthia Leitich Smith
  • (Don’t despair if you are a dog lover – we have a really brilliant dog themed Fantastic Fiction post on dogs ready to go in the new year!)

    One last list to include today is from Chicken Spaghettia very useful roundup of “best of” lists and children’s literature prizes for books published in 2009 – be warned you may lose several hours browsing through this great list of links (and your Christmas budget might go out the window!)

    Next week’s Fantastic Fiction for Kids is something very special indeed – the favourite books on a great theme which will definitely inspire lots of play, from an author who we love in this house (indeed I’ve reviewed one of his books here on Playing by the book) – can you guess which author might be guest posting next week? Stay tuned and find out!

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