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I know that not everyone will be celebrating New Year at midnight tomorrow night (and I have to admit I’ll probably be in bed long before the clocks chime in 2010) but still I couldn’t resist looking for some books about New Year and including them in this week’s Fantastic Fiction for Kids. I haven’t yet been able to get hold of these through our library system (though I’m looking forward to doing so), therefore instead of comments from me I’ve linked to reviews elsewhere on the web.


A Happy New Year’s Day by Roch Carrier, illustrated by Gilles Pelletier

“A four-year-old boy tells us about the first New Year’s Day that he can remember, of being entranced by the mystery of the radio, and interested in newspaper images of soldiers at war…” For the full review click here. For a short biography of Roch Carrier, one of French Canada’s most important novelists” click here.

P. Bear’s New Year’s Party: A Counting Book by Paul Own Lewis

“P. Bear is having a New Year’s Party and all his best-dressed friends are invited.” Click here for a review from Armchair Interviews. Here’s a second review, from CM Magazine.

As I haven’t been able to get hold of either of these books in time, what I will be reading with M is The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen, set as it is on New Year’s Eve. I know it’s a sad story, but I think M will still find it beautiful. We’ll be reading our version from a very plain collected works volume, but there are some lovely looking picture book versions available – do take a look at this great gallery over at SurLaLune Fairy Tales, with more details at the SurLaLune Fairy Tales Blog.

Other fairy stories that are set at New Year include The Little New Year and The Fairy’s New Year Gift both found via Rick Walton’s Online Library.

Photo: Jurvetson
Photo: Jurvetson

Some New Year music could include:

  • Happy New Year by Abba
  • New Year’s Day by U2
  • Bringing in a Brand New Year by B.B. King
  • New Year Carol – Residue by Waterson:Carthy
  • and of course

  • Auld Lang Syne – here sung by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin!
  • Our family will be doing two particular things to celebrate the passing of the old year and the arrival of the new – both are Dutch traditions: We’ll be setting off some fireworks saved from Guy Fawkes Night (providing it isn’t snowing), and I shall also attempt to make for the first time Oliebollen – a type of doughnut filled with raisins and apples. My dear husband always had these as a kid at New Year, made by his father and it’s a tradition I hope we will continue!

    Photo: Jacomien
    Photo: Jacomien

    Wishing you each and everyone of you a very happy and full-of-hope New Year! See you in 2010 🙂

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    1. Kristine

      Hi Zoe,
      We don’t celebrate the New Year In. We had actually tired of it way before we had kids – sad really! I have been thinking about ways of recording the new year with my eldest though as currently she really enjoys talking about events that have happened and coming events. At one point I was thinking about making a calendar like the one you did for your family history showing her special events. I also have played with the idea of buying a diary either 2 dates to a page or a blank notebook for her to draw in and me to scribe her words into to record the wonderful things that happen in her life. Perhaps even add photos and other souverneirs. I can really imagine her enjoying reading back over it in the short term and longer term futures.
      Oliebollen sound interesting. We went out for churros on Tuesday night for my birthday. They’re like spanish doughnuts / biscuits dipped in melted chocolate. Yum.

      Happy New Year

    2. vanessa@silly eagle books

      What a wonderful list of books! I am especially interested because today, Jan. 1 is Juliet’s birthday! I think she will be especially interested in New Years books especially in the years to come. I will have to start early for next year when she turns four! Happy New Year to you and your family, Zoe!

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