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I’m always on the look out for wonderful new (kids’) books and delightful ideas for play and exploration. Of course, the comments you leave me are one important source of inspiration, but I also enjoy learning from others in various online communities or groupings.

As all of you are either interested in kids’ books or play or both I thought I’d share my findings with you – throughout this week (in an change to normal service at Playing by the book) I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve discovered so far about the kidlit and play communities online and how they inspire me and could inspire you!

I’ve found it really helpful to start participating in memes. In this context what I mean by meme is a roundup of blog posts on a given theme or with some sort of unifying principle, where that round up is facilitated by a host – either through creating a new blog post linking back to all the participating blogs, through their comments system or by using a tool such as Mister Linky.

This last couple of weeks I’ve been on the look out for new memes to participate in, hoping to find some new great blogs to enjoy, new books or play ideas, and also (hopefully) some new readers for Playing by the book.

Today I bring you a list of (kids’) book memes. These are either specifically for children’s books or regularly feature children’s books

Nonfiction Monday
Bloggers from across the kidlitosphere celebrate Nonfiction Monday by writing posts about nonfiction books for kids every Monday. Click here for more information and the current schedule.
Book Sharing Monday is hosted by Serendipity Home School. The idea is to share your favourite children’s books, perhaps with a picture and a quote. All details of how to participate can be found here: http://canadianhomelearning.blogspot.com/p/book-sharing-monday.html
Read Aloud Thursday
Every Thursday participants in this meme write a round up of the books they’ve been reading aloud to their kids in the past week. Some participant review just a single book, others write up 5 or 6 books. To get involved visit Hope is the Word on any Thursday and leave a link to your post.
Poetry Friday
Every Friday lovers of poetry link up and share poems they’ve discovered or enjoyed recently. Poetry Friday roundups typically include excerpts of poems (respecting copyright), the text of poems in their entirety (for those out of copyright), reviews of poetry books, poems written by bloggers themselves. This meme is is for both adult and children’s poetry, and the current list of hosts can be found here.
Feed me books Friday
Similar to Read Aloud Thursday, Feed me books Friday enables bloggers share posts about their current favourite reads with their children. Guidelines for posts include listing up to 5 books your family is enjoying at the moment plus at least one reason why the books are such a hit! To see the full description of this meme click here, and to participate simply visit The Adventure of Motherhood any Friday and leave a link back to your relevant blog post.
What my child is reading
Every Saturday sees this round up of weekly readings at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns. If you’ve missed Read Aloud Thursday and Feed me books Friday, or are simply looking for some fun posts to read on Saturdays this is the meme for you! To particpate simply visit Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns on a Saturday and leave a link to your post with a round up of your own family’s reading during the last week.

Tomorrow I’ll bring you a list of memes all about art, crafts, play and learning with kids, but in the mean time if you know of any other kid book memes, please leave the details in the comments. Also, if you can think of a good topic for a new kid book theme let me know – perhaps we could start one?

UPDATE: Click here for an expanded list of memes now available at Brimful Curiosities

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  1. Choxbox

    Was traveling, am back now and happy to see so many interesting links. Will check them out – thanks!

    • Zoe

      Hi Susan – you’re ahead of me! I mention both of these in tomorrow’s post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Natalie

    Thanks for featuring my linky. I am trying to link to the other two, so we can carry on the love of good children books to as many people as possible. I assume that you will add StArt at A Mommy’s Adventures tomorrow?

  3. Janna @ The Adventure of Motherhood

    Thank you so much for the kind mention! I’m glad to learn of some I had not heard of.

    I just started a new blog called Mommy’sPiggyTALES.com that is sort of a meme.

    The idea is for moms to record THEIR Youth in 15 posts or vlogs starting June10. One of the best books a child may ever read could be of your youth.

    I really believe in the benefit this project could have on families and children. Remembering who you are and what you’ve done to mold you into the person you are today is an incredible exercise. We have 40 women already committing to join the project and anyone else is welcome to join.

    There are a lot more fun facts but I’ll stop there and let you visit the blog if it interests you at all.
    Thanks Again!

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