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Yet another source of inspiration for me when it comes to children’s books and activities are various social networking sites. This is an area that’s very new to me, so if you have experience of these sites please do share any tips you have for making the most of them. Thanks!


JacketFlap is probably the world’s most comprehensive children’s book resource and social networking web site for people in the children’s book industry. The blog reader on JacketFlap is a great way to find new book blogs or catch up with blogs you don’t have in your reader for whatever reason. There’s also a very useful search function for finding books, blogs or even authors on a specific topic.
Book blog ning

Book blog ning has a special group dedicated to Children’s books and this is a useful place to find out what other bloggers are posting about. I haven’t found it terribly useful in terms of more general kidlit advice or suggestions – it seems to be more of a place to promote your blog than to really interact with other book bloggers, but maybe I just haven’t found the right group. If you’ve used the Book blog ning please do let me know how you’ve found it and what you think it is most useful for.
We Teach

We Teach is “for anyone and everyone who teaches–no matter the classroom”. It has loads of useful groups – people interested specifically in reading, maths, science, crafts, music and many more, and I’ve found it to be a very friendly sphere, more about helping each other other than simply promoting one’s own blog.

About.com has an interesting article about even more book social networks, including Shelfari, Library Thing and Goodreads, but I’ve only just dipped the very top of my toes into these and don’t feel I can yet comment on how useful they are as a source of inspiration. If you use any of these sites, please do share your thoughts on them!

So, this week I looked at all different online sources of inspiration for kids’ books and play. On Monday I looked at book memes, on Tuesday at play memes and on Wednesday at Kids’ book and play carnivals and challenges. Yesterday I looked at email lists, groups and bulletin boards and today very briefly at social networking sites. I hope you’ve found some useful bits of information along the way, and – more importantly- some inspiration of your own! Normal service will resume here next week on Playing by the book with a new book review and the play inspired by it! Looking forward to seeing you then ๐Ÿ™‚

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