International Postcard Swap for Families – Blogs around the world!

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Although the postcard swap has been quite some work it’s also been a delight – I’ve “met” so many interesting people, discovered lots of new blogs and had some lovely email conversations along the way. One of the aspects of it all I’ve most appreciated is “meeting” families so very different from mine – enabling me to challenge my own beliefs and even prejudices. Through this swap I’ve been able to talk with and read about families I would probably never find a way to spend time with even if we lived in the same neighbourhood because some of our values and beliefs are so different. This experience has reminded me that even though we are all so different we can still find common ground, we can still enjoy doing things together, and that has been a very valuable and uplifting experience for me.

Many people who are participating in the swap do not have blogs, but for those families that do I thought I’d list them all here (those that are participating in the international swap) to give you some fun browsing whilst you have a coffee or tea at some quiet point in your day (I hope!). Here’s wishing you happy exploring!

Mama in Macondo
Do Whatever He Tells You  
Get over it…I did

Natural Parenting
The Hills are allive …Michele’s blog
Dove’s Rest
Adventures With Kids
Counting Coconuts

Serendipity Home School
Audrey’s Country Crafts
Easy Stay-At-Home Fun
The Orchard

Starchild Searching
Tales of Life
Tribe of 3
Learning Together

Betty’s bletherins
Classroom Free
The Earthy Girlie
Kooky Boutique
Red Ted Art

Michelles Chickpeas
The Mad House
Glittering Shards
A Smile a Day 

Doing things Anglo/American style
It’s a small world after all
Anna’s Girls
Burkinamom’s Life in France
The adventure that is Ella

A View From My Side
The Magic Key
Alone in Holy Land

A bit of this and a bit of that
Miss Behaving
George Seitz Elementary School
Raising Rabat

The World is Her Playground: Travels with a toddler, in Morocco and Beyond
Got Me Thinking
two four eight seven
Making Memories

How to weave yoghurt
Loving Learning
El patio de mi casa
Una planta de naranja lima
Las cerezas de Pipa

Con la cabeza en las nubes
Un desert a casa
Living in the Land of Chocolate
Adventures and Pursuits 
books together

Just Me… 
Finally Homeschooling
Rockhound Place
Birthing Your Baby 
Harmony Art Mom

Frantically Simple
Dirt Under My Nails
no textbooks required
Deanna’s Corner
Filth Wizardry

Adventures in Mommydom
Our Busy Homeschool
Too Many Books & Lots of Coffee  
The Fairy Mum
Twelve Fit Feet

This Little Project
Home on the Tundra
hearts in training
Zonnah’s Addictions
Ideas… Ideas??? Ideas!!!

Knitting in the north
Binta valley Farm
We are here
Ressources pour s’amuser ensemble

Day 1 Every Pen in the House ran out of Ink

If I’ve missed out your blog please let me know and I’ll add it! If you’re taking part in the All-American swap, your blogs will feature here tomorrow!

Finally, I’ve been on the look out for a picture book which features blogging but have so far failed to find one – do any of you know of any picture books which mention email or blogging?

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  1. Judi

    Looking forward to checking out some new blogs! I will have to block off a few hours though – that is a long list! 🙂

    Thanks for posting them!

  2. The Orchard

    I don’t know why I found it so thrilling to see my blog listed above, but I did. I am looking forward to checking out some new blogs too.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. TheMadHouse

    Thank you ever so much for organising, can you mail me your address, as I have something for you as a thankyou

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