US-wide postcard swap for families – Blogs across the States

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After yesterday, here are yet more varied, interesting, amazing blogs from those participating in the US-only postcard swap for families.

deJong Online
Daisy Days
The Ramblings of a Pagan Family in the Midwest
Stitching through the chaos

Creating Nirvana
Teach Mama
Grace Mountain Academy
More Than Meets the Eye

Attempted normalcy
Creative and Curious Kids!
The Arrowood Zoo
Anderson Homeschool

Life in the precious moments
Sunflower Hill Farm
Starfish & Coffee
Academia Celestia
School For Us

Calif Lorna
One Hook Wonder
Applied Life Academy
Winston Manor

Brimful Curiosities

If I have inadvertently missed anyone off, please let me know, and I’ll add you straight away!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday when I’m back with a review of a really wonderful book 🙂

  1. Calif Lorna

    Thanks for including me!

    That looks like a great list – will have to make sure I visit them – especially my postcard destinations!

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