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Summer’s going out with a bang! Today I’m very happy to be hosting the British Mummy Bloggers’ Carnival, and given that we’re at Playing by the book, all posts in today’s carnival are either about books or play, or books and play 🙂

  • Emma from Mommy Has A Headache is kicking off the party with a great piece about how Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century… but have lost their unique charm along the way.

  • Chez Spud we find Bookish, a lovely musing on books that could never be parted with – now living in a house with less shelf space, Spud has had to make the difficult decision about which books stay and which books go. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes!

  • Things get that perfect sort of silly over at Apple Island Wife – the sort of silly that has you and the kids giggling and shrieking and rolling around the floor. All you need is some socks

  • Cathy from Nurture Store has written a post after my own heart – a selection of crafty activities and games you could play inspired by Judith Kerr’s The Tiger Who Came To Tea

  • Books can be expensive, but Becky from Baby Budgeting has a post about Kindles and kids that shows books for baby don’t need to break the bank.

  • In Not Just a Dream Becca from Beckicklesie has written a wonderful piece about the adventures she shares with her son when they read together each evening. This one really made me smile – and you shouldn’t miss out on the game of seeing if you can identify all the books she and her son travel through before they are revealed at the end of Becca’s post.

  • But what happens when it comes to bedtime reading with twins? Is it possible? Can it be fun for everyone? Rebecca at Two Become Four writes about her experience and provides some ideas for an enjoyable bedtime story when you’ve got two babies you want to read to.

  • Elaine from Littlesheep Learning writes about a book she and her family continue to enjoy – Usborne’s First Hundred Words. It’s great for early readers, kids who love to play hide and seek with the pictures, and of course anyone (like me) who has a soft spot for the familiar illustrations of Stephen Cartwright.

  • Maggy at Red Ted Art never lets you down if you like children’s books and play – she’s got a great post about 2 books by James Riddell that she and her neighbour’s son love, and how the two of them were inspired to make their own book on the same model. Definitely a project I’d like to try out.

  • Over at 21stcenturymummy’s Blog I was interested to read about Janine’s experience of taking her 2 year old to a pottery cafe to create a keepsake for her Dad’s birthday. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while with my kids, but like Janine I might have a hard time letting the kids do it their way…

  • For something a little more grown up there’s a really interesting review of Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami at the blog of MrsLJHall.

  • Tracy at Greenmumsblog is a first time contributor to the BMB carnival so please do find time to read Create Your Own Magical Adventure – her recent experience of storytelling with her daughter at the same time as sneaking in some great (and fun!) learning along the way.

  • And there’s a last minute entry from Katy Hill blogging at iVillage all about old fashioned games you could play with the kids instead of spending “the average £320” British parents spend each summer keeping the kids entertained.

  • I hope you’ll find some new blogs to fall in love with through the carnival! The next BMB carnival is on the 14th of September and will be hosted by Little Stuff. Click here for a full list of future hosts. Later this week I’ll finally be bringing you my review of Julia Donaldson’s new picture book Cave Baby… hope to see you then!

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    1. Rebecca

      Thanks so much for hosting this and including me. I’ve had a read of a couple and can’t wait to settle down later to go through them all!

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