Perfect Picture Books by Post – How was it for you?

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Thanks everyone for leaving such lovely comments on yesterday’s post – I’m thrilled so many people had as much fun as me with the swap!

If you’re curious to find out a bit more about various swap partners and the books they sent and received you’ll enjoy browsing this round up of links (if I’ve missed out a blog post you did about the swap please let me know!)

  • Katie at Eat Their Words wrote about Little Vinayak

  • Melanie at Finally Homeschooling wrote about Der Katzentatzentanz

  • Little Page Turners wrote about Diary of a Wombat

  • Sandhya at My Handful of The Sky also wrote about Diary of a Wombat!

  • Artnavy, The no-so artful dodger, wrote about The Monster Who Ate Darkness

  • Fiona from Living in the Land of Chocolate wrote about My Heart is Like a Zoo

  • Airamty from My Little Princess World wrote about Around the World with Mouk

  • Catherine at Adventures with Kids wrote about The Rumour

  • Maggy at Red Ted Art wrote about Schellen Ursuli

  • Anu at A Wandering Mind wrote about To The Zoo by Eric Carle

  • Thanks again to everyone who took part in the swap – it’s all of you who made it so much fun!

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    1. sandhya

      Diary of a Wombat seems to be a popular choice! Rightly so, too. A lovely book.
      We had fun participating, Zoe. Will look forward to any other swaps in the future.

    2. Zoe

      Hi Sandhya, Yes, Diary of A Wombat was one of only a couple of books which got sent more than once – Mouk was also sent twice.

    3. Molly Hyde-Caroom

      I would LOVE to participate in the next book swap! What fun! Do you know when that might be? I should now get your emails so I will watch for when that happens! What a great site! I am in love with it!
      Thanks! Molly

    4. Zoe

      Hi Molly,
      I think I’ll probably do another picture book swap around May time – this time round I’ve learned that it’s good to avoid the Christmas season! I hope you’ll be able to join in.

      Hi Anu, thanks for the link to your post – have added the book you received to the list 🙂

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