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  1. very cute!

    we used to be/still are big miffy fans and had a miffy colouring book which was enjoyed big time – especially for a beginner because its simple illustrations and not at all intricate.

  2. Hi Choxbox,yes the very “designed” images are clear and crisp aren’t they? We have LOTS of Miffy books – well, lots of “Nyntje” books as they are known in their original Dutch. I’m hoping that they’ll get another lease of life when M starts reading as the text is simple and familiar – a bit like the Meg and Mog books.

  3. Hi Zoe, we didn’t even know that a Miffy Shop existed, how super! We’re going there now to have a peek, thanks for sharing x

    • Hi Caroline – hope you don’t end up spending too much money on all the cute things 😉

  4. My daughter would love the book ends, fantastic=)

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