Winter warmers – 2

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Today’s pick for 5 minutes of fun, peaceful and inspiring reading comes in the form of Paper Tigers‘ June edition, all about “How Children Play Around the World“. To be fair, there’s much for than 5 minutes worth of reading – but this edition is jam packed full of wonderful articles and book suggestions. I’m sure you’ll find something that will delight you.

And then there is my very favourite series of posts this year about play – How to create Irresistible Play Spaces for Children, from Let The Children Play.

Jenny’s posts will definitely excite you – I know they thrilled me and got me motivated to create some special play spots for M and J earlier this year. As I sit and re-read Jenny’s posts I can feel the urge to go and create another irresistible play space for us all!

What’s your favourite picture book about playing? Where do your kids most enjoy playing?

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