Happy New Year! Are you ready for adventure?

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Welcome to 2011 on Playing by the book! I hope you all had a wonderful couple of weeks whatever you’ve been up to whilst I’ve been playing and reading lots with my kids as 2010 drew to a close.

Over the break I started work on an extended series of posts for here at Playing by the book, under the auspices of a new series called Reading Round Europe.

Last October I wrote up a children’s literature tour of the UK. Since then I’ve been gradually working on a European children’s literature tour (yes, yes, I know the UK may seem like it’s in Europe to those of you outside of Europe, but many if not most people here in the UK do not include themselves when they refer to “Europe”…)

The tour has now finally all come together and so I’d love to invite you to spend the next few weeks adventuring through Europe with me visiting all sorts of destinations that will thrill any lover of children’s literature, young or old. Alongside visiting kidlit locations I’ll be reading (picture) books about and by authors from the countries we’ll be visiting, doing my bit to promote books in translation (remember my call for more translated children’s literature?)

It’s a big project, and I’m really excited about it. As ever, the focus will remain on books we love with the play they’ve inspired, and so I really hope you’ll join us on our journey of exploration and adventure.

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Our first port of call will be Finland, followed by Norway, Sweden and Iceland before we start moving south – so go and pack your suitcase with warm jumpers and I’ll see you on Monday for the start of our adventure Reading Round Europe!

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  1. Zoe

    Thanks Erica! Me too (though like any before any big adventure I’m also slightly nervous about how it’s going to go!)

  2. ghostwritermummy

    What a great idea! As a mum and a teacher I’m always looking for new books- will be popping back!
    Foudn you via BMB under 5s group

    ps will come and find you on twitter too!

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