Share the Love of Books Update 2

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One of my pledges as part of Jenna’s Share the Love of Books event this February was to donate a selection of our old books to the local charity bookshop, and that’s exactly what we did on Monday.

Here’s the pile which went into the shop…

… here’s J outside the shop after our cycle there…

… and here’s the pile that came home with us (I knew from the outset that this would be an exchange rather than a decluttering process!)

What’s your favourite book you’ve brought home from a charity shop / jumble sale / yard sale?

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  1. Choxbox

    That has to be Sabuda’s 12 Days of Christmas! has led to many very creative craft projects from the younger child – astounding stuff if I may say so myself.

    And LOL @ exchage vs. decluttering!

    • Zoe

      Yes, I can imagine that was a great find Choxbox. Yes, decluttering isn’t something I’m good at! Especially when it comes to books…

  2. sandhya

    The most memorable I’ve picked up at a used book shop was a ring-bound edition of AA 1001 Walks in Britain at an Oxfam shop in Maidenhead. We used it a lot in the time we were in the UK, the husband carrying A on his back in a carrier- she was just 2+.

  3. huana

    For me I found Bronte’s Wuthering heights,and for my daughter Hana (5) I found Taylor/Francis’s Animal hide and seek with 440 animals in their natural habitat.Love both books!

  4. Katie Fries

    I see you got Go, Dog Go! That is a favorite around here and was actually the first book *I* read by myself.

    Our most recent haul from the used bookstore included one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (very popular right now so it was quite the find used!) and a collection of (reprinted) vintage Batman comics. I have also loved finding Little Golden Books in the used bookstores, particularly the very clever Sesame Street ones I remember from my childhood (Oscar’s Book, Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree).

  5. Zoe

    Hi Katie,

    Yes, Go, Dog Go I picked up having read about it in the blogosphere – I don’t think it’s so widely known here. I’m looking forward to having M read it to me!

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