It’s all kicking off – Welcome to our Librarithon!

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Well, the ball is rolling and our Librarithon celebrating World Book Day, supporting our libraries threatened with closure, and raising money for Book Aid International has begun!

Yesterday we kicked things off with a visit to a mobile library – my first ever mobile library visit.

Everyone who boarded the bus whilst we were there was greeted by name – the librarian later told me they have a very loyal following and that yes, generally, she knows all their users by name. How great is that?

J had fallen asleep on the way to this library so wasn’t thrilled when she woke up. However, for most of our time in the library, it was full of laughter – it was amazing! Everyone was so happy to see each other, catch up with news, get new book recommendations, and simply hang out at the bus.

This kids’ section was well stocked – apparently the mobile library fleet gets extremely well used by schools, nurseries and playgroups – indeed, whilst we were on board, a playgroup arrived and suddenly there were 15 toddlers all eagerly pulling books out of boxes and off shelves.

We hopped on a bus to get to our next library. Sitting at the top at the front is a sure fire way to get my kids happy!

The second library on our Librarithon itinerary was one which has been closed for 2 years being refurbished. It reopened last September, and oh my, it is a gorgeous library!

They have a dedicated picture book room which is so welcoming. Their stock was mouth watering! Fortunately we could use our library tickets here (they’re valid across the entire city) and I couldn’t resist taking out a bag full of books, even though we were meant to be travelling light!

M particularly liked these chairs in the junior library – so cozy, and perfect for curling up in to read a book or two. I had a hard time trying to extract her when it when the library closed.

Another thing the girls loved about this library was the fishtank – just like in Maisy Goes to the Library. You can see it in the picture below, just to the right of the issue desk.

All in all, an extremely welcoming library, and one to visit again soon.

I want to thank everyone who has already sponsored us on our Librarithon – Graeme, Annette, Ian, Cathy, Bridport Library Book Group, Sarah, Sandie, Natasha, Mum, Dad, Ali, Kate, Susan and Maggy.

It’s not too late for you to sponsor us – you can do so securely here:

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    • Zoe

      Hi Susan, I was wondering when I uploaded these photos how libraries differ around the world – I wonder if there is a “British” look to these? Do you know of any photos of the insides of Australian Libraries? Or Libraries elsewhere. The mobile library really was very friendly. Lots of kids were turning up with their dogs or scooters, and the librarians knew them all.

  1. Ali B

    Mobile libraries are wonderful! The first school I taught at in London had a visit from the mobile library every fortnight. I was astonished that so many children didn’t have tickets and didn’t know it was free. I love those chairs at the refurbished library!

    • Zoe

      Hi Ali, Yes, I hadn’t realised about mobile libraries and schools – but clearly it’s an important lifeline, for both the libraries and schools. Fortunately the mobile library staff didn’t think they would be affected by the cuts – what they do is valued. And as to those chairs… I think M is already dreaming about one for her next birthday – and I have to say they were very comfortable.

    • Zoe

      It was a lot of fun Maggy, although J didn’t like the way the bus wobbled when people came aboard!

  2. Tasha

    Fantastic, fantastic – and what completely different, but lovely libraries. We’re so thrilled that you’re doing this for us, but also highlighting two great causes in one. And on a personal note, I’m so glad that you found a fish tank like in Maisy Goes to the Library. Milo and I read that book together all the time and have yet to find a library in our area with one! 🙂

    • Zoe

      Hi Natasha, it will come as no surprise that Maisy Goes to the Library has been requested for the past 2 nights at bedtime! Yes, I’ve been thinking about that fishtank, and thinking about the brave / inspired person who said yes, let’s have one and yes we have the budget for it – because of course it could be seen as a complete frippery, but actually it helped make that library so welcoming and exciting for my children. It was the first thing they noticed and they kept going back to look again and again.

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