The final Librarithon round-up

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Last Friday saw our final push to hit our Librarithon target of 14 Libraries in 3 different counties. We hopped on a train that whisked us through fields of horses, much to the delight of M and J, before ending up in a small, beautiful city, home to our 13th library.

It has a pretty grand entrance!

Inside they had just finished a major building programme and so lots of the library was bare, but the bits still fully functioning were lovely – the great big windows were super for filling the space with light (the building was formerly a school).

As you can see we were wearing wonderful Book Aid T-shirts – the girls were really proud of them and we did get stopped and asked a few times by “the general public” as to what we were up to.

Back on the train to a small, cute village and then we played hunt the library. M’s reading has really come on in the last few months and reading road signs is a favourite hobby of hers – one well indulged by all the time we’ve spent on buses this last week.

Our 14th library is open two and a half days a week. It’s not under threat, but the husband of the librarian I spoke to works for the library system in the neighbouring county where libraries are at risk of closure so I got to hear about the personal impact of the uncertainty and how stressful that is for those involved.

We spent a good hour and a half in this library reading stories including more Captain Flinn but one of my favourite books was Ivy Loves to Give by Freya Blackwood. The illustrations were so beautiful and the story came straight out of our own home – M and and J are always wrapping up little gifts (usually in toilet paper), which 9 times out of 10, are, um, let’s agree they are will intentioned but not the usual sort of thing you’d give as a gift (a drawing pin, a cork, a twig).

Eventually it was time for us to leave. I asked the girls what they thought of our Librarithon

I felt like jumping for joy with them – we’d hit our target of 14 different libraries in 3 different counties and raised over £200 for Book Aid.

We also got to speak to a lot of librarians about their libraries and what they feel about the threatened cuts across the UK. It was great to be able to show them some support, and hopefully to encourage some of you to support your local libraries wherever you are in the world. If you want to find out more about the situation with libraries in the UK I thoroughly recommend the blog Voices for the Library (also on Twitter as @UKpling).

I want to thank everyone who sponsored us:

  • Kate
  • Richard Toft
  • Susan Stephenson
  • Ali
  • Maggy Woodley
  • Margaret Toft
  • Natasha Worswick
  • Sandie Mourão
  • Sarah W
  • Bridport Library Book Group
  • Cathy
  • Ian
  • Annette Birdsall
  • Graeme Biggar
  • Marjorie
  • Becky Goddard-Hill
  • James Mayhew
  • Hannamari Ruohonen
  • Natalie Merritt
  • Tim Hopgood
  • Rachel Fremmer
  • Jan
  • and one Anonymous sponsor!

  • Thanks also to everyone who tweeted me during the Librarithon – it was really encouraging to hear from you and to know that you were following our adventure!

    7 Responses

    1. Kate

      Congratulations to you and the girls – such a great and worthwile idea, and the girls look like they had a wonderful time 😀

    2. Zoe

      Thanks Kate! And thanks for your sponsorship – you got the ball rolling and made me feel like the whole thing was doable 🙂

    3. Tasha at Book Aid International

      Fantastic Zoe. Huge congratulations to you and the girls – you all look great in your Book Aid International t-shirts! Thanks so much for all the money you’ve raised and thanks especially for highlighting two amazing causes.

      I also loved reading road signs when I was Ms age. My mum used to ask me what I thought they meant and I’d come up with ridiculous suggestions 🙂

      Well done again!

    4. Zoe

      Thanks Tasha and Choxbox. It’s something I’m so pleased to have done, especially with the kids.

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