Bookish ways to help Japan

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There are lots of book-related initiatives taking place to help raise funds for victims of the Japan Quake. Take your pick of those below and choose one to support.

  • Authors for Japan
  • 150 different book related auctions all housed under one roof. Lots of opportunities to get proofs critiqued and to win signed copies of books. This subset contains those auctions specifically relating to children’s and YA books

  • New Sun Rising – Stories for Japan
  • Are you an author or illustrator? Books That Help are going to publish a collection of stories, poems, and art honoring and celebrating Japan. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to a charity currently working on the relief effort in Japan. You can contribute – find out how to here. Found thanks to the Pratham Books blog.

  • Art for Japan
  • Are you an illustrator? Donate an illustration for Show and Tell’s auction. Full details here.

    Illustration by Lea Wade
  • Japan Tsunami Appeal: Ganbare Nippon
  • Another one for illustrators. Contribute to Illustration Rally’s Japan Tsuname Appeal. Full details here.

    Please let me know of any other bookish efforts that are going on to raise funds, and I shall add them to the list. Also, there’s still time to bid on this stunning cherry blossom brooch made by my sister, all funds going to Global Giving.

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    1. Ali B

      I’ve retweeted this. I’ve also bid for an item on Authors for Japan- there’s some fantastic stuff on there.

      • Zoe

        Thanks Ali for the retweet. Yes, Authors for Japan is an amazing collection of items/offers – my first bid has been outbid so I shall be back there later!

    2. Caitlin

      A group of NaNoWriMo authors (, 47 to be exact, have got together to write an anthology (or possibly 2) of short stories to be published in ebook and paperback format (I think in early April – i’m not one of the people who started this up, just one of the contributing authors) and all the profits of the book(s) are going to be going to the US and UK Red Cross to help in the Japan aid effort.

      Please check out the website for more info! Thanks in advance 🙂

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