2012 Calendars featuring art by children’s book illustrators

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September has already arrived and yesterday was M’s first day back at school, starting a new year. With plenty of planning on my mind I thought today would be a good time to share a round-up of 2012 Calendars featuring art by children’s book illustrators.

The one calendar I’m definitely buying this year is that produced by Carousel magazine, a quarterly publication in the UK dedicated to children’s books.

The calendar includes work by thirteen brilliant illustrators: Helga Bansch, Raymond Briggs, Nick Butterworth, Polly Dunbar, Rebecca Elliott, Sarah Garson, Emily Gravett, Pat Hutchins, Mick Inkpen, Catherine Rayner, Pam Smy, Helen Ward and Brian Wildsmith. It costs £6.95 plus £2.50 postage & packing and all proceeds go to the charity CCAA -Kids with Arthritis. To order a copy fill out the form here.

Other kidlit calendars I’ve come across for next year include ones for The Little Prince, Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter, the Flower Fairies, Miffy, and Edward Gorey.

Or if none of the above tickles your fancy you could try the calendars featuring TinTin, Mairi Hedderwick, Quentin Blake and Roald Dahl, Richard Scarry, Sandra Boynton, Pettson and Findus or even Barbapapa.

The Mazza Museum of International Art from Picture Books produces an annual calendar featuring artists exhibited at the Mazza. If you become a supporter of the Mazza Museum, a Mazza Enthusiast, ($25 per annum) you will automatically receive a calendar. It is possible that calendars may be also available for a donation to the museum (without becoming an official supporter) – please contact them if you are interested in this.

The Family Reading Partnership, based in New York, produce an annual calendar full of lovely illustrations donated by picture book artists, all depicting reading actually taking place. Click here to go to the order page. Individuals can order calendars for $12.95 (plus shipping and handling), although if you are a not-for-profit organization and can order a minimum of 25, then the price is $3.50 per calendar.

The 2012 Read to Me! calendar illustrators are Aliki, Siobhan Bell, Suzanne Bloom, Lori McElrath Eslick, Denise Fleming, Debra Frasier, Max Grover, Tad Hills, Annie Kubler, Katrina Morse, Kyra Teis and Iza Trapani. Calendar images will also available as vinyl banners – these would make wonderful decorations in a library, school, or even a play room.

Whilst searching for lovely calendars I’ve also come across one featuring the artwork of Shaun Tan, which is sadly out of date and hugely expensive.

Do you know of any other calendars featuring the art of children’s book illustrators?

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  1. Myra from GatheringBooks

    Pulse raced when I saw the Shaun Tan Calendar – I would imagine it to be atrociously expensive. I was particularly taken though by the Edward Gorey 2012 Calendar!!!! Wantwantwant. 🙁

  2. Damyanti

    Pleased to see a Barbapapa calendar 🙂 Another for your list could be the Gruffalo calendar

  3. Zoe

    Thanks Myra, Corinne and Damyanti for your comments. Yes, the Shaun Tan one would be nice wouldn’t it? Thanks for link to Grace Lin’s one – I’ll update the post once M is at school later today to include her calendar and the Gruffalo one 🙂 Thanks for the tips.

  4. Katherine

    Thank you for posting these, I know someone who would love the Richard Scarry one, and I’ve had a Quentin Blake/Roald Dahl one for myself in the past. This year we have a Moomin one that a friend ordered from Finland. I’m sure I’ve seen an Eric Carle one but I may be confusing that with an advent calendar.

    Hope the Shaun Tan one is updated sometime!

  5. Library Mice

    We will be getting the Carousel one this year but I love the look of the Richard Scarry. In the past we have had Gruffalo, Miffy, Charlie & Lola calendars.We also had Calendrier du Pere Castor from France which is also children’s book illustrations. I love them, they liven up my kitchen!

  6. Zoe

    Hi Katherine and Library Mice, yes the Richard Scarry one is looking at me with big “take-me-home” eyes…

  7. peterpan

    I have always loved The Little Prince. It’s a classic. There are so much brilliant values shared in this literary piece as well as lovely lessons to keep.

  8. Daniel

    Here’s another new calendar, with interviews! Twelve authors were interviewed for this calendar, including Lois Lowry, Mark Kurlansky, Gregory Maguire, and Shaun Tan, and they all have fascinating things to say.

  9. Jus

    I just saw people’s comments about a Shaun Tan calendar. You can buy the most beautiful prints by him from:


    As well as lots of illustrations by Australian Children’s book artists – it’s worth a look.

    All the calendars recommended on this blog look great! I was just trying to find one for next year.


    • Zoe

      Thanks Jus, I didn’t know aboaut booksillustrated and it looks really great! Thankyou.

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