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This week I’m dedicating to taking part in BBAW, Book Blogger Appreciation Week. For me it’s a way to engage with other book bloggers and book blog readers and explore the depth and breadth of the book blogging community out there.

Today all participants in BBAW are being encouraged to highlight a few bloggers that have made book blogging a unique experience for them, a way of highlight those bloggers who have really added something to the book blogging community.

So it is today I share with you some of my sources of inspiration, encouragement and fun. I’ve been blogging for a little over two years and these people and their blogs make my (blogging) life infinitely brighter.

The perfect blog about picture books exists and it is written by Jules, over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. It’s perfect because Jules writes with passion, humour and immense knowledge. So often I read her words and wish I had written them. Her blog is full of very lovely things to look at and every visit there is an inspiration.

Over at 32 pages, written by Donna, there’s often something quite unexpected – Donna generally does not review the usual picture book suspects but rather the for-me-previously-undiscovered delights. She’s occasionally acerbic and always perceptive. In my dreams one day Donna and I will go book browsing together and then we’ll end up having a beer or two. She’s good.

I’m grateful to anyone who brings beauty into my life and Cristiana at The Tea Box definitely does that. She makes me want to learn Italian and improve my French with all her wonderful offerings of European picture books that make me dizzy with delight. Cristiana has an amazing eye for the very special – I hope she won’t mind me describing her as the magpie of the picture book world, picking out stunning offerings every time.

Melanie at Library Mice, Ali at Fantastic Reads and Maggy at Red Ted Art are all people who have helped keep me going when things have got tough. They’re always willing to listen, happy to make suggestions, generous with their knowledge and experience and great for a bit of bookish banter. I’m very grateful to have discovered them thanks to book blogging – they make the book blogosphere a really rich and enjoyable place to be.

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  1. maggy, red ted art

    Oh Zoe, thank you so much. Made me all goose bumpy and weep reading you lovely comment!!! Your blog has most certainly been an inspiration to me and your e-friendship and enthusiasm wonderful… (I feel like we are at the Oscars making speeches)… Thanks for getting me involved in so many fabulous projects too (i.e. postcard/ book swap, books for NZ and Japan relief)! You have a big heart!


  2. Jan von Harz

    I am so glad to be participating in this topic today as I am learning a great deal about blogs and bloggers I miss out on due to my own concentration on YA. Your descriptions of the bloggers who inspire you are lovely, and I have a feeling that your contribution is also deeply felt.

  3. Library Mice

    Awww Zoe! Thank you! I am always in awe of your artistic skills and ideas, something that I lack totally. It is so great to “meet” like-minded people, here’s to many more bookish talks and hopefully to meeting up one day.
    M x

  4. Zoe

    Thanks Maggy – if we’re making speeches can we have the dresses too? 🙂 That would be fun.

    Thanks Parrish for stopping by! Much appreciated.

    Yes, yes yes Library Mice we will meet soon! One way or the other…

  5. carol


    you know I found your blog recently and am now following.

    Those other blogs will have to be checked out too.

    Have a great week


  6. jules


    Thank you thank you.

    And I’m so glad I came over here to visit the site today, because I don’t get notifications anymore when someone mentions 7-Imp at their site. I fear moments like this where I may not even know the blog’s been mentioned yet I don’t see it, and I look inadvertently rude!

    Such kind words. Wow. Wow. Thank you so much. Means a lot coming from a fab blogger like you.

  7. Emily

    These bloggers sound great; I can’t wait to check them out! Anyone who blogs about children’s books gets a gold star in my book 🙂

    Happy BBAW!

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