Costumes for Book Day

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For our special day off timetable as part of Children’s Book Week all children, staff and volunteers at M and J’s school were encouraged to come in dressed as a book character. I had had big plans for gorgeous costumes that allowed me to buy new fabric and play with my sewing machine but I quickly realised I needed a solution that didn’t take much time!

A fairy godmother came to me in the form of Angels Fancy Dress who offered me the chance to review one of their costumes. I opted for the Cat in the Hat costume. M and J had already decided that they wanted to use some of their dressing-up stash to go to school dressed as Tiger Lily and Tinkerbell respectively and so here we are yesterday morning ready to go to school:

My costume did the trick perfectly for the day – it was cool, easy to wear and comfortable. I walked to school in the morning wearing it and had several cars beep at me on the way!

Thanks to Angels Fancy Dress for providing an eye-catching costume that fitted the bill perfectly for Book Day.

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