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Jane Eccles has illustrated lots of books that may have made you and your kids giggle and smile, from a variety of joke books, to a whole range of poetry books including What I Like ! Poems for the Very Young by Gervase Phinn and most recently Puppy Poems chosen by Gaby Morgan. Jane has an etsy shop selling ink and watercolour originals as well as personalised cards.

I particularly like the idea of commissioning a personalised card like this to gift to a newborn baby along with one of the books Jane has illustrated:

Or how about this original to hand in a child’s room?

You can find Jane’s website here.
You can find Jane on Twitter here.
You can find Jane on Pinterest here.
And don’t forget, Jane’s shop is here.

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  1. Zoe

    Yes, the cards are great. I’m sure she’d do one for your kids’ birthdays even tho they’re no longer new born 🙂

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