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On those days when I daydream about winning the lottery, one of my favourite online places for a bit of window shopping is the art gallery dedicated to contemporary children’s book illustration, the appropriately named Children’s Book Illustration.

They have over 800 pictures in stock, both originals and prints from artists as varied as Eileen Brown, Polly Dunbar, Axel Scheffler and Jill Murphy. Prices range from about £30 for a Nick Sharratt print, to nearly £1500 for an original Anthony Brown.

What would you choose if you could treat yourself to anything from this lovely gallery?

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  1. Karen in PA

    Greyfriars Bobby and then dream about so many others.

  2. Great choice Karen! But you’re right, so many good things here…

  3. I absolutely postively can not pick!! What a great site…

  4. Love Anita Jeram’s work.

    Such a lovely site, Zoe! We have a box of Puffin book cover picture postcards that are absolutely lovely. Reminds me of that. It is a wrench each time we need to part with one to send it to someone!:)

    • That’s just the same with me Sandhya! But I also like choosing a book cover I think the recipient will particularly enjoy.

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