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We just did something amazing!

Together we raised £582 for Book Aid International!

A very heartfelt Thank You to everyone who supported me, encouraged me, and who donated to Book Aid

  • Thank you to Katie Cleminson, whose donation of a wonderful illustration, and two signed books made this all possible.

  • Thank you to Chris Haughton, whose donation of five signed prints made my fundraising efforts go with an even bigger bang!

  • Thank you to Ellie, who writes lovely poetry that will make you smile at Taking Words for a Stroll.

  • Thank you to Tasha, who writes about books, and about books and cakes at Children’s Books for Grown Ups.

  • Thank you to Polly, who started writing about children’s books just this year over at The Little Wooden Horse.

  • Thank you to Jackie, who donated all the way from Australia where she writes her wonderful website My Little Bookcase.

  • Thank you to Louise, whose first novel is ‘Girl Meets Boys’, an internet age rom com. She also writes freelance articles for MK Pulse mag.

  • Thank you to Jill, a doodler and writer, who is great company on twitter, @Jill_Adams_ .

  • Thank you to Becky, who writes about living well and creatively with a young family on a budget over at Baby Budgeting.

  • Thank you to Sarah, newly published children’s writer who you can find out more about at Community Spirits.

  • Thank you to Helen, a stay at home mum tweeting about raising small kids, & especially interested in preschool children’s books + apps, @aitcheldee.

  • Thank you to Kate, my SISTER! She makes gorgeous fibre art jewellery, and you can find out more on her blog, Tastykaeru, or in her Etsy shop.

  • Thank you to Sheonad, who blogs eloquently at Touch and Tickle all about living an unfamiliar life with a disabled child and managing somehow to make it wonderful.

  • Thank you to Damyanti, a librarian who knows all about the power of books to change lives. She’s great on twitter, @damyantipatel, and also blogs at Buns! Blankets! Bears!

  • Thank you to Louie, who writes and edits children’s books we love. You can find her on twitter, @louiestowell, and on her blog Stowell’s Cosmology.

  • Thank you to Ali, an extremely dear blog and twitter friend. She writes excellent posts about children’s literature on her blog Fantastic Reads, and keeps me happy on twitter too, @AliB68.

  • Thank you to Lesley, an amazing illustrator, animator and lion tamer! Take a look at her work here: .

  • Thank you to Anne-Marie, who has done lots to keep my spirits up this last week and write a brilliant blog, with a keen interest in children’s books, called Child-Led Chaos.

  • Thank you to Jane, an illustrator specialising in work for children. Take a look at her lovely work here,

  • Thank you to Jen, a Canadian bookaholic in Japan, who has an amazing blog, Perogies and gyoza, if you’re interested in children’s books from around the world.

  • Thank you to Cathy, whose blog, NurtureStore is jam-packed full of creative ideas for play with kids. I love it!

  • Thank you to LH Johnson, perhaps the most erudite person I know on Twitter (and I know a fair few!), @chaletfan.

  • Thank you to Christine, who was so incredibly generous! I do hope one day I get to thank her in person, rather than just on Twitter, @christineyannou.

  • Thank you to Clara, who is the personification of optimism and generosity itself, and who also happens to write pretty amazing books…

  • Thank you to Katy, who blogs beautifully about children’s books and reading at Hungry Little Bookworm.

  • Thank you to Margaret, my MUM! Always so super supportive, even when her daughter doesn’t phone her as often as she should…

  • Thank you to Rachel, once an MA student of mine, now a lovely friend, whom I one day hope to accompany to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

  • Thank you to Jen, a librarian working on the new and very exciting Library of Birmingham, @libraryofbham. She also knows a mean cafe or two to eat in!

  • Thank you to Barbara, a bookseller with passion for secondhand, rare, out-of-print children’s books. Do browse her shop, March House Books .

  • Thank you to Mélanie, who write an amazing blog called Library Mice, which is all about children’s literature.

  • Thank you to Ann, part of the team who make up PatrickGeorge, an independent publisher of very witty and beautiful books for young children.

  • Thank you to Isil, who blogs regularly about beautiful children’s books at Smiling like sunshine.

  • Thank you to Libobliz. a School Librarian, and a Carnegie/ Kate Greenaway Judge 2011/12. You can find her on twitter as @libobliz.

  • Thank you to Anne, a lover of children’s lit and optimistic warm novels, also an aspiring author & illustrator, who gave me tremendous support on twitter, @bridgeanne, over this past week.

  • Thank you to Liz, who offers proof-reading, copy-editing, copy-writing, typing and transcription services at She’s also an avid BookCrosser!

  • Thank you to Emily, who made a super generous donation and gave me energy to redouble my fundraising efforts!

  • Thank you to Vanessa, a primary school teacher and literacy co-ordinator who blogs about creative mess at Monday Makery.

  • Thank you to Victoria, an adventurer and explorer with a quick wit, who I first discoverd at It’s a small world after all, but who you’ll find more regularly now at Words and Pictures.

  • Thank you to Kim, a heritage and apprentice science educator, who I first got to know through discussions about the amazing YAC, but who also writes a fasinating blog, Incredolous.

  • Thank you to Dee, who tweets about politics and mental health amongst other things. She loves kids’ books and you’ll find her at @deeblake7.

  • And thank you to all the anonymous donors. Your donations put smiles on my face, kept my energy levels up, and, most importantly, have made a huge difference to Book Aid.

  • And now to the winners….

    So how many books were there in my house on World Book Day? My husband guessed 2000, I guessed 2500, but in actual fact there were 2229 books in our home that day…

    And this means the winner of the very beautiful, original illustration by Katie Cleminson is…. Mélanie, who guessed I had 2222 books in my home.

    There were more winners too:

  • Ann, @PatrickGeorge2, wins the signed copy of Box of Tricks by Katie Cleminson

  • Tasha, @natashaworswick, wins the signed copy of Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson

  • The following five people have each one a signed print from Chris Haughton:

  • Polly

  • Isil

  • Damyanti

  • Barbara

  • Kate (Hungry Little Bookworm)

  • Winners, please contact me with your postal addresses so I can get your lovely prizes sent out as soon as possible.

    And to everyone else who donated, you all deserve something lovely. Together we’ve achieved something wonderful this week and I’m truly grateful to each and every one of you.

    15 Responses

    1. Barbara

      Congratulations on raising such a wonderful sum of money. I’m thrilled to be one of the prize winners, thank you so much. I can’t wait to see my signed print.
      Well done on winning the original illustration Melanie, it looks beautiful, and I’m sure you will treasure it.
      I’ve sent my contact details be email. Thanks again, Zoe – you made my day!
      Barbara recently posted..The Cecil Aldin painting book and a gay dog

    2. Elli

      You’ve just completed an amazing fundraising project, you’ve just counted upwards of 2,000 books, and yet you STILL find the time, energy and generosity to write individual thank yous? Zoe, you’re a complete wonderwoman.
      Elli recently posted..Liza Lazybum and the Number Bumber

      • Zoe

        Elli, I don’t know about being a wonder woman (though I quite fancy the costume), but I do know I’m happy and very grateful to everyone who donated! And to find the time to thank you each individually is the very least i can do for all your support!

    3. Library Mice

      Hear, hear, Clara!
      And huge thanks and congratulations to you Zoe. I have been thinking about where to put Otto once he is safely here and I have had it framed. It would be lovely in R’s room but I am not sure I will be able to part with it quite so easily!
      Library Mice recently posted..Dog Loves Drawing

    4. Tasha

      Thank you so much Zoe on behalf of myself (yay! for my signed Otto book!) and Book Aid International. Really, you have done an absolutely fantastic job of not only raising loads of money (which, in books to Africa terms is approximately just under 300 – incredible!!) but also helping to raise Book Aid International’s profile. This extended family of book lovers are so wonderful and everyone at Book Aid International thanks all of them for their kind and very generous donations. Love to see a pic of you in a very deserved Wonder Woman outfit! Maybe next year’s World Book Day?! 😉
      Tasha recently posted..Bookish Bites : Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose

    5. Barbara

      Dear Zoe, I’m very excited and wanted to let you know that my signed print has arrived, thank you! Another Zoe (my granddaughter Zoe Rose), is going to love it!
      Barbara recently posted..Newly Catalogued

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