A World Exclusive! A mini illustrated book for inspiring young story tellers, by Clara Vulliamy

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I’m so excited! The wonderfully talented, super generous author and illustrator Clara Vulliamy is kicking off a new series here on Playing by the book today.

Every month (where possible), she is going share some ideas to encourage children to tell stories of their own, using the monthly theme from the “I’m looking for a book about…” carnival. She and I will be turning her prompts into a library of mini books you can print off and give to the kids in your life (and yourself!), along with a blank mini-book ready and waiting for stories and illustrations to fill its pages.

These mini books are unique little treats, and Clara and I hope that with her prompts, and a great list of books to read/share from the monthly carnival, we’ll be firing up imaginations and encouraging kids, young and old, to create tales of their own.

As Clara says…

Maybe it’s an older child who would like to write their story down, or a younger one who would be happy telling theirs by drawing pictures…
or, my own personal favourite, making up a story together while chatting at bedtime after lights-out…

I’ll suggest a starting point, a few nudges along the way to keep the story flowing along and an inspiring object or two (I always find an actual THING helps me when I’m writing a story) –

Whose bed could this be?

– and the rest is up to them!

Now to the first mini-books from our library-to be…

Two books especially for you from Clara and me
The Small book of Big Story IDEAS by Clara Vulliamy
A blank book waiting to be filled with stories!

For each book you’ll need to download a pdf file (see below), print it off, and then use the method shown in this video to fold/cut the paper to create the actual book:

To download Clara’s Small Book of Big Story Ideas (No. 1), on the theme of elves and fairies, please click here (this is a pdf file. It is quite large, so may take a moment or two to download).

To download a blank book ready and waiting to be filled with stories inspired by Clara’s prompts, please click here (again, this is a pdf file).

This afternoon I’m off out with the girls and know they’ll have some waiting around, so I’ve put a copy of each book in a nice envelope, with some “fairy dust” and some pencils… I can’t wait to see what they’re inspired to create with them.

Both Clara and I have had a lot of fun creating these miniature books. If you use them, please do let us know how you and your kids enjoy them. We’d both love to see any illustrations or read any stories that come to life with the help of these mini-books.

Wishing you very happy story-telling… x

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  1. Naiomi

    LOVE IT!!! I have some budding writers who will be thrilled to see some new materials

    • Zoe

      Yes, James, she is indeed 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of what you’ve been working on with her…

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