Could you plant a seed? Could you be a Patron of Reading?

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Earlier this week Caryl Hart suggested I watch this TED talk:

I’m very grateful she did, and now I can’t help but suggest you watch it too, although I should warn you that it left me in tears and might do the same for you. It’s a powerful piece about the importance of caring for other people, of being open to planting a seed of inspiration, one that could turn round someone’s life.

Then today, I heard about an amazing project looking for Patrons of Reading to work with schools, to promote a passion for reading. You can find out more via this post on Lynne Rickard’s blog, but basically there’s a Head teacher in N Wales who is wanting to facilitate a nationwide Patron of Reading scheme, linking up authors (and presumably illustrators) who want to make a difference, with schools who want to make a stand for reading and a love of books.

Maybe you’re an author/illustrator who would like to work with children, plant a seed, be an inspiration. Maybe you’re a teacher at a school where you’d like some support to foster a passion for reading. Either way, I think the Patron of Reading scheme could be something for you.

So go and find out more here. If you’re not in the UK, why not find out about the scheme and see if you could get involved with setting up something similar wherever you are. All it takes is one person to connect with one kid, one person to share their enthusiasm and knowledge to plant a seed of inspiration.

As Plan B says in his TED talk “There’s one person out there that can change these kids’ lives. They can come from a negative family environment. They only have to bump into one person that can plant one positive seed in their head, or their heart and it can change their life.” Maybe you’re the person that can plant that seed?

Put in time and effort, and energy into these individuals and engage with these individuals, and everybody out there you can do that for one individual person. And the point of my lecture is that I’m one of those people, I’m willing to do that.”

So am I.

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  1. rhythm

    What a great thing to pass around! I’m always fascinated by the ripple effect. One person doing something inspires someone else who inspires someone else and on and on. I do my best as a 4 legged Patron of Reading. Kids love coming to the library when I’m there. And I love hearing them read. This is all a good good thing.Thanks for this post.
    rhythm recently posted..The Goat Lady

  2. choxbox

    Awesome post Zoe. Fwding to my kid sis who has started a reading program n her neighbourhood.

  3. Zoe

    Hi Rhythm, yes, the ripple effect can be quite profound can’t it. If you see one person trying to make a difference, it’s easier to try it oneself.

    Choxbox – great!

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