A dazzle of books..?

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A plague of locusts…
A pride of lions…
A flock of sheep…

But what do you call a collection of books about collective nouns?

A brilliance?
A giggle?
A talent?

When it comes to the set published by PatrickGeorge, all of the above could apply.

A filth of starlings, A drove of bullocks, A crackle of crickets and A shiver of sharks each take a themed set of collective nouns, illustrate them in witty and bold ways, a provide a paragraph of information about each animal in question. Part non-fiction book, part English-language/literacy book, part science book, part word-play book, each of these volumes is inventive and engaging.

Whether you are reading about a run of salmon, where an optical illusion allows the illustration to look both like a salmon’s head and a running shoe, or a culture of bacteria, where the contents of a petri dish looks like Mona Lisa, each page plays with our understanding of language and the way we look at objects.

A quiver of cobras

The modern, bright illustrations are crisp, cool and clever. The text is informative and playful. Perfect for any kid who enjoys puns or animals, these bold books are fun for all.

With these books in mind the girls and I made our own volume of collective nouns:

We all enjoyed playing with language and sitting down simply drawing together.

Now, I’m delighted to say I have one set of all 4 books on collective nouns to give away to a lucky reader.

  • The giveaway is open to anyone WORLDWIDE.
  • To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post. I’d love it if you could suggest a new collective noun for books about collective nouns – but any comment is fine.
  • For extra entries you can:
      (1) Tweet about this giveaway, perhaps using this text: Win a set of really clever & rather stylish books by @PatrickGeorge2 over at @playbythebook’s blog http://www.playingbythebook.net/?p=23269 #giveaway
      (2) Share this giveaway on your Facebook page or blog

    You must leave a separate comment for each entry for them to count.

  • The winner will be chosen at random using random.org.
  • The giveaway is open for one week, and closes on Wendesday 12th December 6am UK time. I will post the winner on this post, and also contact them via email. If I do not hear back from the winner within one week of emailing them, I will re-draw a winner.

  • Good luck!

    **This giveaway is now closed. It was won by no. 8., Gisele Barcellos**

    31 Responses

    1. While the books look lovely, I think the girl’s drawings are the best!
      Stacey recently posted..My Life in Numbers

    2. I love the snore of beds!

    3. Brilliant – I love collective nouns!

      My particular favourites are a murder of crows & a murmuration of starlings.

      A collective noun for books about collective nouns could be a quirk or perhaps an education…?

    4. These look fantastic – right up my street! And I love your girls’ invention nouns – a search of buttons and a pong of socks are particularly brilliant.
      Elli recently posted..Nightmare

    5. I agree with Stacey – the girls’ drawings look lovely. I particularly liked A Doorway of Books! The first thought that came to my mind was ‘A joy of books’ to reflect how I feel about them. πŸ™‚
      Sam recently posted..Review: The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

    6. Come on it MUST be my turn to win now. Isn’t it? Isn’t it?


      a wallow of winnings is what I’m after
      Polly recently posted..CHRISTMAS!!!

    7. What fun books. πŸ™‚

    8. yeah! We loved the girls drawings! And the books, too!
      gisele barcellos recently posted..Bruxas, Beijos e outros encantos

    9. On twitter: https://twitter.com/kidsindoors/statuses/276281026442063872
      Have our finger crossed!
      gisele barcellos recently posted..Bruxas, Beijos e outros encantos

    10. Katherine Aitken

      Fantastic Books. I love Patrick George.

    11. Katherine Aitken

      Shared on facebook too! Thank you

    12. My suggestion would be a thesaurus of books about collective nouns! Not terribly exciting, I’m afraid! This looks like a brilliant giveaway, am keeping everything crossed πŸ™‚
      Rosalind recently posted..Reading at the table (and other book-related dilemmas)

    13. I have tweeted about the giveaway too πŸ™‚
      Rosalind recently posted..Reading at the table (and other book-related dilemmas)

    14. Haha! What great books! I like the illustrations on the books, and the girls pictures are fabulous!! How about a companion of books?
      rhythm recently posted..An Ode to Jamie Wyeth, St. Gretta, and St. Alex

    15. When I started redaing this post I thought it wasthis book by Ruth Heller – http://www.amazon.com/Cache-Jewels-World-Language/dp/0698113543
      One of our evergreen favourites!

      As always loved your activity – will copy shamelessly!

    16. Brilliant! I love a search of buttons. Very inventive.
      Carmen Haselup recently posted..Why did you steal my feminist pirates? An open letter to Egmont publishing

    17. the word which jumps to mind as a collective noun for books is a library of books

    18. tweeted @ummziyad

    19. A snore of beds is brilliant!

    20. Marjorie Bowman

      A remembrance of books? 0_0

    21. Delurking to say thanks for the great recommendation! This solves my dilemma of what to give my nieces and nephews for Christmas! A Bevy of Books!

    22. Fabulous! Loved the ‘snore of beds’!
      sandhya recently posted..Of multicultural experiences and winnings

    23. Blogged about it.
      sandhya recently posted..Of multicultural experiences and winnings

    24. A “librariat” of collective noun books? A “collection”? A “township” or a “nounship”?
      Gary Masskin recently posted..Time to get unbogged

    25. I love that you read these books and then made your own, what a great way to teach kids about language :o)

      I’ve also tweeted your link.
      Catherine recently posted..Boris Saves the Show by Carrie Weston

    26. A huddle of blankets
      Erica Price recently posted..The Gallery: Colour

    27. Tweeted @ericahughes
      Erica Price recently posted..The Gallery: Colour

    28. Loved collective nouns as a schoolgirl (a long time ago!). Can’t wait to try this with my son πŸ™‚

      A chest of books (not just ones about collective nouns, but any sort) is a treasure… whatever name you call it by, a pleasure for all the senses!

    29. Oh what clever books!!! Our favourite collective noun has to be: a crash of rhino’s!!!
      se7en recently posted..Christmas is Coming Really Slowly Around Here…

    30. Thank you!!! \o/
      So happy!!
      gisele barcellos recently posted..Escola de Monstro Madame Mo

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