International Book Giving Day 2013

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Did you know that February 14th is International Book Giving Day – a day dedicated to getting new, used, and borrowed books in the hands of as many children as possible?


Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Would you like to join me in celebrating it?

You could…

  • Give a book to a friend or relative.

    Is there a child in your life who would enjoy receiving a book on February 14th? Maybe your own kids? Maybe the kids at your local school – you could donate to their library.

  • Leave a book in a waiting room.

    What about leaving a book or comic at the local GP surgery or children’s ward. Think of somewhere where kids are stuck waiting and parents too would enjoy something diverting and funny.

  • Donate a Book.

    Maybe now’s the time to go through the books your kids have outgrown and donate them to your local charity shop? What about sending a book to a child who’d love to read it via Pelican Post, Give a Book or Book Aid International?

  • Blog/tweet about International Book Giving day.

    It would be great if you could spread the word about the day and how you will be celebrating. Let us know that you’re taking part and we’ll add your name to our list of people giving books for International Book Giving Day at If you’re on twitter you might want to follow @bookgivingday or use the hashtags #giveabook, #IBGD[location] (e.g. #IBGDLondon), or if you take photos you might check out (you can share photos of Book Giving Day festivities by adding the hashtag #giveabook to Instagram photos or by emailing photos to

  • Let’s see how many people we can get to commit to giving a book to a child by February 14th!

    International Book Giving Day is a grassroots initiative founded by Amy Broadmoore who writes about children’s books at Delightful Children’s Books. Amy is backed by an international planning team: Myra Garces-Bacsal, Gathering Books (Singapore), Tarie Sabido, Asia in the Heart (Philippines), Susan Stephenson, The Book Chook (Australia), Travis Jonker, 100 Scope Notes (US), Mélanie McGilloway, Library Mice (UK). Giselle Federizzi Barcellos, Kids Indoors (Brazil), Rashmie Jaaju, Mommy Labs (India)
    Emma Perry, My Book Corner (Australia), Julie Danielson, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast (US), se7en (South Africa) and me, Zoe Toft, Playing by the Books (UK).

    28 Responses

    1. Mary Preston

      I come from a family that gives & shares books. Something to be encouraged.

    2. Jill Bennett

      That will help make the chill of the month much brighter.
      I’ll definitely be giving books to relations, friends and other deserving causes.

    3. Zoe

      That sounds great Bookaholic mum and Tasha 🙂 After Feb 14th there will be a blog round up, so if you write a post about what you do you’ll be able to easily share it and inspire others for next year 🙂

    4. gisele

      I’m so excited to do this!
      I’m living in a city where people are not use to reading. The schools don’t have their libraries open because there aren’t librarians. So sad! There is one bookstore but it’s always empty.
      I hope to shake up the city a little bit spreading books around.
      gisele recently posted..ABRAPRACABRA

    5. Nupur

      My baby’s daycare center is having a book exchange that day! I’m excited- she loves books already at 15 months.

    6. Erica @What Do We Do All Day?

      I loved participating in TBGD last year, and I look forward to it again this year. Thanks for sharing the news and linking up to The Children’s Bookshelf. I’m sharing with the parent blogger community to try and get them involved, too.

    7. WendyLady@GoodBooks

      I’d love to join in! I’ll spread the word through my blog and will look forward to donating on the 14th – probably through a local foster care organization. What a lovely idea for Valentine’s Day. I “heart” it. 😉
      WendyLady@GoodBooks recently posted..EPIPHANY ADORATION

    8. Vivian Kirkfield

      Thank you so very much for the heads-up about this special day! I have been donating books to several organizations for many years…but will share this info and do a special post for the day.

      • Zoe

        Thanks to everyone for their positive feedback – it’s so exciting to hear that lots of you want to participate. If you blog about how you participate there will be chance to share what you got up to with a blog round up hosted here in late February.

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