Interviews with Emma Chichester Clark, H.M Castor and more!

The powers that be are clearly concerned about keeping me out of mischief!

This week I’ve been busying interviewing another host of authors and illustrators who are speaking at the FCBG’s Conference later this month.

  • Here’s my interview with the wonderful illustrator (and past patron of the International Edible Book Festival) Emma Chichester Clark.

  • Here’s my interview with Conrad Mason, author of The Demon’s Watch.

  • Here’s my interview with H.M. (Harriet) Castor, who has written an amazing novel about Henry the Eighth’s childhood, VIII.

  • Here’s my interview with Alex T. Smith, whose Claude series of books are especially loved by M.

  • And finally, here’s a snippet of a slightly rambling conversation with Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.

  • This time next week I’ll be on my way to the FCBG conference, and I can’t wait! Do let me know if you’re attending so we can look out for each other.

    1. Barbara Ann Mojica

      Loved all of your interviews. Fascinating to meet authors and see how they work. I found your last interview particularly interesting because my husband is my illustrator and we work on things completely differently.

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