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Welcome to “I’m looking for a book about….”, the topic-themed monthly carnival of children’s literature.

Every month I encourage anyone who likes to review books for children (of any age) to leave links to their reviews of books that match the given month’s theme. The idea is that over time, this carnival will become a resource for parents, teachers, carers, librarians looking for books by subject.

Old reviews, new reviews, and reviews for any age are welcome. You may also submit multiple reviews, as long as they are all relevant to this month’s theme.

This month’s theme is…

**Gardening (with kids)**

  • Carrie Gelson at There’s a Book for That kicks off with a great round up of books on a gardening theme. If she had to pick only one, she’d choose A Seed is Sleepy as the one kids would be most inspired by.

  • Amy Seto-Musser over at Picture-Book-A-Day shares The Curious Garden by Peter Brown, Grandpa Green by Lane Smith, Ready for Pumpkins by Kate Duke, My Garden by Kevin Henkes, The Gardener by Sarah Stewart, Illustrated by David Small, Tops & Bottoms adapted and illustrated by Janet Stevens, and And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano, Illustrated by Erin E. Stead. Several of these appear in Carrie’s list so do compare reviews!

  • Jennifer at the Jean Little Library suggests several nonfiction books about gardening for and or with kids. Not all of them get glowing reviews, but knowing about the books which aren’t so great is just as useful as knowing about those which are brilliant.

  • Over at StorySnug, Catherine recommends Jasper’s Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth. “It covers so many great subjects using less than one hundred words! The whole process of planting, watering, hoeing and getting rid of slugs and snails is beautifully demonstrated as is the need to be patient!

  • At Good Books for Young Souls we’re introduced to a daffodil poem and picture book by A.A.Milne – have you ever read anything by Milne other than Winnie the Pooh?

  • Helen at CAPPtivated Kids joins the round-up with a Miffy app, specially for fans of carrots! “The app is very in keeping with the books – not over-complicated and perfect for toddlers.

  • If you’ve a review of a book for children about gardening, whether that be a nonfiction book, a picturebook or a collection of poetry, please share it by clicking on the blue button below (“Add you link”) or by leaving your suggesting in the comments to this post.

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    1. Oh No Monster Tomato by Jim Helmore is a picture book we’ve enjoyed. It’s a funny story with some unconventional growing tips leading to some monstrous results. The two giant fold outs in the book are also a hit with the kids.
      Damyanti recently posted..Edible Book Festival 2013

    2. Anne Thompson

      Hi Zoe, I don’t have my own review but would recommend Lob by Linda Newbery. It’s a gentle story with links to The Green Man of folklore. Also deals with bereavement in a thoughtful way. A little girl follows in her grandad’s gardening footsteps. Probably for about 8 plus but would work well read aloud too, provided listener can cope with the sad parts. Here’s link to the review on Bookbag. http://www.thebookbag.co.uk/reviews/index.php?title=Lob_by_Linda_Newbery

    3. I do LOVE it when it is growing veg season again!!! We have started on our seedlings already. Waiting for the weather to warm up , so we can move them outside!
      maggy, red ted art recently posted..The Importance of Play (Part 2)

    4. The children are implied in this one but our favorite has been How Groundhog’s Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry. It takes you around the seasons of a garden and has the most beautifully detailed and botanically accurate illustrations of garden plants growing from seed to plant to produce that I’ve seen. A gorgeous inspiring book, ending in a double-page illustration of a celebratory dinner.

    5. This is one of my favorite subjects for kids! My dad and my uncle were city gardeners for many years and I can only hope I got a fraction of their green thumb! Thanks for hosting!
      Amy Seto Musser recently posted..The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy by Jeanne Birdsall

    6. Loving these! May I add ‘How Kirsty Jenkins Stole The Elephant’ by Elen Caldecott? Though not wholly gardening focused, it’s centred around Kirsty’s efforts to keep hold of her Grandad’s allotment after his death. There’s some very lovely and charming moments in it.
      LH Johnson recently posted..Rosanna Joins the Wells : Lorna Hill

    7. Emily Branch

      For the very young Maisy Grows a Garden by Lucy Cousins is a lovely board book with lots of interactive tabs that make the plants grow on the page.

    8. I’ve linked up a very lovely Miffy gardening book app for young children – carrot-o-phobes beware… Now going to have browse of the other great reviews.

    9. Hi, Zoe. Hope it’s not too late to add a gardening book to your roundup! Maria from Maria’s Movers and I both posted about the book Up, Down, and Around by Katherine Ayres and Nadine Bernard Westcott today. I’ve added my post, and it links to hers 🙂
      Kerry Aradhya recently posted..Up, Down, and Around in the Garden!

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