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A brief blitz of various bookish delights I’d like to quickly share with you!

  • April 20th sees Eoin Colfer, internationally bestselling author of Artemis Fowl, visit the city where I live, Birmingham, for what sounds like an amazing event. He will be appearing at the Birmingham Conservatoire on Sat 20th April at 2pm in a show with a difference: Eoin will be joined on stage by two actors and a magician bringing Eoin’s characters from his new book WARP: The Reluctant Assassin to life. The even is open to the public, tickets are only £4 and I’m hoping to go. If you plan to go to, let me know!
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  • Last week I was interviewed by Loll from Storyseekers. Loll writes a brilliant blog about children’s books and is an inspiration!

  • Got a budding primary school aged author in the family? They could enter this competition to write their own short story (400 words), which will be judged by author Giles Paley-Phillips. The winning tale will be published and illustrated for them to keep. Deadline for entries is Monday 3rd of June.

  • This week I was lucky enough to correspond with Kevin Crossley-Holland about the talk he gave at the children’s book conference I recently attended. His talk, about the books which were important to him in his childhood, was very moving, and I’ve written it up over on the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ blog.

  • Want the opportunity to support a new illustrator, and see your donation double its work, by helping to fund a charity trip to Ghana? Kasia Matyjaszek is an Edinburgh based artist and illustrator, and along with my sister, Kate, she is raising funds to work for the charity Akosia in Ghana this summer. You can get your hands on one of Kasia’s lovely prints, or a piece of jewellery made by my sister by donating to their fundraising pot here.
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    1. Hi Zoe

      I am reading your news letter regular. It is always informative and inspiring and to see you in the centre of this hub is a pure envy.

      I am a published writer for long time but was not in touch with the Word’s outside world and technically I am quiet behind, too.
      Well, I asked you, some weeks ago, to write a few lines on my self published book ‘Gorgeous Rainbow’ in these pages but you did not take any notice. Do you buy books or you are sent by authors? I will wait for your reply

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