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This summer, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is hosting a large, very entertaining exhibition all about the former Children’s Laureate, Julia Donaldson. It explores her life, her books, her illustrators and is full of lovely places to play, original illustrations and notebooks, correspondence, videos, and of course, books to read.

It’s based on an exhibition we saw last year in the national treasure that is Seven Stories, but the Birmingham exhibition feels larger, and includes some displays (notably the natural history ones, including lots of stuffed animals in the Gruffalo’s wood), which I believe were not part of the Seven Stories‘ original exhibition.

We visited at the end of last week and as I think you’ll see for the pictures, the girls had quite literally a whale of a time!














With plenty of space for kids to crawl, run and gallop around in (rather contrary to the title of the exhibition: A Squash and a Squeeze ;-)), and lots of toys to play with, costumes to dress up in, old favourite books to enjoy, and a good number of seats to relax on, this is a brilliant exhibition to take the kids to. I hope every child in the West Midlands gets to see it this summer.

Full details can be found here:
Squash and a Squeeze Exhibition, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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  1. Laura S.

    Looks like a WONDERFUL exhibit! I wish I didn’t live an ocean away from Birmingham, or I’d take my kids for a tour!

  2. chandni khanna

    Very nice, Wish these exhibitions could travel all over the world. We in India are great fans of Julia Donaldson’s books.

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