8 Children’s Book Illustrators with online shops

It seems a good time of year to quickly share with you some lovely online shops where you can buy beautiful objects and art from various children’s book illustrators. Have fun browsing!

Leigh Hodgkinson, illustrator of ‘Goldilocks and the Just One Bear’, ‘Don’t Put your Pants on your Head, Fred’, and ‘Troll Swap’, among many others has a shop where you can buy brooches, dolls and even teatowels! Bring a bit of beauty back into washing up!
Kate Hindley, illustrator of ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ and ‘The Great Snortle Hunt’, among others has a shop where you can buy cards, prints and even a colouring book!
Steven Lenton, illustrator of ‘Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam’, ‘Five Christmas Penguins’ and more has a shop where you can purchase advent calendars, mugs, tote bags as well as cards and prints.
Chris Judge, illustrator of ‘The Lonely Beast’, ‘The Brave Explorer’ and ‘The Brave Beast’ has lots of funny beastly prints on sale.
Alice Melvin, illustrator of ‘Counting Birds’ and ‘The High Street’ sells coasters, mobiles, dolls house kits, screenprints and more. Mmmm!
Ellen Giggenbach has illustrated some gorgeous activity books including ‘My Town’ and ‘My Zoo’. In her shop you can find cushion covers, fabric bunting, decals and paper craft kits.
Jenni Desmond, illustrator of ‘Red Cat, Blue Cat’ and ‘Backstage Cat’ has a shop full of prints, and also pillow cases!
Kate Slater, illustrator of ‘Magpie’s Treasure’ and ‘ABC London’, sells gorgeous gift wrap, cards, decorations (perfect for your Christmas tree) and brooches in her shop.

My thanks go to Damyanti for suggesting so many of these enticing shops! If you know of any other children’s book illustrators who have online shops, please let me know via the comments.

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  1. Colin

    Thanks for making this list, Zoe. This must be the best blog ever for people interested in children’s books (what a great category index, for instance). Your dedication and devotion to kids’ books is an inspiration!

  2. Zoe

    Oh Colin, your comment is the best christmas present I could have hoped for. Thank you x

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