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Need a quick fix for a dose of bookish delights? For World Book Day or just for fun? I’ve prepared a picture book Book Bingo game you can download, print and play – please feel free to use with your kids, your class, your library book group!


There are 16 different sheets (on 8 pieces of paper/pdf files), all featuring fabulous picture books, many of which are by World Book Day authors David Melling, Emily Gravett and Jill Murphy.

  • Set 1
  • Set 2
  • Set 3
  • Set 4
  • Set 5
  • Set 6
  • Set 7
  • Set 8

  • And here’s the set of caller’s cards – matching images of the front covers used, so that the whole game can be played by non-readers too.


  • Caller’s cards set 1
  • Caller’s cards set 2
  • Caller’s cards set 3
  • Caller’s cards set 4

  • I’ll be cutting up the caller’s cards and putting each mini book cover in a box. For non-readers I’ll just show them the book cover pulled from the box, whilst for a more challenging game for older kids I won’t show them the cover, but rather simply tell them the title of the book and who wrote/illustrated it.

    Unfortunately I haven’t got prizes you can download but they needn’t be expensive – a trip to a charity shop could result in some nice books, or you could download lots of book related activity sheets and put them in a smart envelope with some colouring pencils.

    I’d love to hear how you get on playing book bingo – good luck, and have fun!

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    1. leann

      we used this at a fall event and done bingo for a book the kids LOVED it ! thanks for sharing !!

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