Some bedtime reading anyone? [or: How to welcome new bookcases to your home]

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Yesterday my girls got 2 new bookcases in their room, and whilst we filled the shelves, I made a 48 second video:

I’ve been wanting to make a stopmotion film of bookshelves ever since seeing this:

and this:

Our little film is somewhat clunkier, but it does feature only children’s books (look out for the beer drinking tiger!) and the kids (did you see any whooshes of orange?) and I had a ball making it.

If you’re tempted to try, I highly recommend Open Shot Video Editor, a free, open-source video editor for Linux.

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  1. Nina

    Fantastic, I love your film and the other two are brilliant. Won’t have the patience to do it myself though. But I would be pleased with some new bookcases to fill.

    • Zoe

      Thanks Nina. It certainly helps having 2 kids who are VERY excited about the whole process. Hope you don’t have long to wait till some new bookcases come into your life!

  2. Pip Johnson


    This is totally inspiring – and a reminder of how wonderful/cosy the feeling is to scan a shelf of book spines and when looking at each one getting a tiny glimpse/feeling of the adventure inside.. then landing on one which suits your mood and curling up into bed with it.


    • Zoe

      hehehe Pip! Yes, I am wondering if I’ve made a rod for my own back when it comes to getting the girls to turn off their lights at bed time!

  3. Alex Baugh

    Your film is just great, Zoe, what a way to welcome bookcases. When I got my new ones this year, I just loaded them up with books – no fun, no music, no film. But yours is definitely not clunkier. I hope we see more stopmotion in the future. Thanks for sharing it.
    Alex Baugh recently posted..On the Wings of Heroes by Richard Peck


    Don’t worry about about a ‘clunky’ look, Zoe; each of them was enjoyable. My favourite touch was the monkey(?) moving along with the growing rows.
    I’m glad to see other adults enjoying the process of placing beloved books into their new home. I favour some – picture-books, naturally – over others on ‘special’ shelves!

  5. Anne

    Your video is wonderful! The stuffies are a great addition, and your ending brings to mind “goodnight moon.” Goodnight bookshelves.
    Anne recently posted..Procrastination

    • Zoe

      Thanks Anne – the ending’s similarity must have been a subconscious connection I made!!

  6. Zoe

    Thanks Julie, jen, Alok, Catherine. At first the books were in a random order but they’ve since been all reorganised by the girls – no doubt the first of many reorganisations!

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