Love your library! Today is National Libraries Day

Alanna Lulu Bookstack-libraries1000px

This fabulous illustration by Rosalind Beardshaw features the lovely Lulu from a delightful series of books written by Anna McQuinn, and seems just perfect for National Libraries Day.

I’ll be spending much of today at my local library, running this month’s book group for 8-12 year olds (you may recall I wrote about it here). Today’s theme is “funny books” and as well as exploring a whole host of joke books and other books to make us giggle, we’ll be having a library wide cracker hunt.


Thanks to the power of Twitter many authors and illustrators have shared their favourite jokes with me, and I’ve packed them up inside crackers, along with a brief bio of each author/illustrator (and perhaps a sweet or two…). Once the kids have found all the crackers around the library, the book group will be looking for as many books as possible by each of the authors/illustrators who shared a joke with us. The more books they find, the more treats they win!

We all get to laugh. We all discover new books. We all get to have a great time in our local library! HURRAH!

rapunselAnd if you can’t make it to your local library today, treat yourself instead to How the Library (not the Prince) saved Rapunzel, written by Wendy Meddour and illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown Petrie, a rhyming, funny, modern-day take on the much loved fairy tale which does a splendid job of celebrating – in both words and pictures – just how brilliant libraries are.

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  1. Lesley Ely

    You are a such a treasure chest of great ideas Zoe. Hope the children enjoy their jokes and tell all their friends what a fun time they had at the library!

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