A new, cool and groovy way to get teens hooked on books

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Here’s an innovative and eyecatching way to hook teens up with great stories – Scottish Book Trust is set to launch a series of exciting new Audiobook Club Nights in venues across Scotland, encourage teenagers to connect with books through the power of interpretive dance [yes indeed!].


Inspired by the success of the Silent Disco concept, clubbers will be given a pair of wireless headphones with a range of audiobook channels to choose from – the classics, crime, horror, science fiction, autobiography, field sports and humour. Participants will gather on a dance floor and be encouraged to throw interpretive dance shapes inspired by the material they are listening to.

Marc Lambert, Director of Scottish Book Trust, said:

“Teenagers are notorious for being gregarious and outgoing, so we’re confident that they will really embrace the opportunity to cut loose and come up with some creative dance moves in a room full of people. Books can release powerful emotions in people, and the intention is that these emotions be captured and released in a safe, fun environment.

Audiobooks are fast becoming the new rock’n’roll and I will be attending the first club night in Edinburgh. My personal choice will be “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy – I’ll be employing a blend of the Cossack dance, interspersed with some classic moves from The Nutcracker ballet.”

April Fulsome, from Audiobook Club Nights Inc, said:

“Audiobook Club Nights are a craze currently sweeping Japan, and we’re delighted that Scottish Book Trust has had the foresight to bring them to Scotland. We tend to find that the crime genre lends itself to body popping, and romance novels can lead to some beautiful swishy arm movements.”

I’m very pleased to hear that each clubber will be expected to adhere to various rules and regulations regarding safe interpretive dance practise, including wearing loose clothing, avoiding judgement of peers and maintaining a neutral facial expression. This, I believe, is very important.

I’m not a teen, so sadly I won’t be allowed in to any of these events, even if I do stick to all the rules. Maybe I’ll just have to download my own audiobooks and boogie all alone in the kitchen? I’m thinking I’ll start with Non Pratt’s Remix (wearing some nice beaded, floaty thing with strappy sandals, waving my arms like windmills). What about you?

For more information on dates and venues check out Scottish Book Trust’s Twitter feed or Facebook page.

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