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I’ve been treating myself to some delightful anticipation, to counterbalance the dread I feel every morning at the moment when I check out the headlines from over night.

Here are some of the books coming out in the next 6 months (in the UK) which I am particularly looking forward to reading:

What books are you most looking forward to reading in the coming months?

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  1. Pippa Goodhart

    I’m going to be boasty and say that I’m really looking forward to a particular picture book of mine coming out because its been SIX years on its journey to publication, and the design by Tamarind and pictures by Lizzie Findlay make it, in my mind, worth the wait. It’s called ‘Chapatti Moon’, and will be published in September. But your fruit salad of a display of wonderful covers makes the years ahead look a treat all round. That ‘My Pictures After The Storm’ is the cover that catches my eye and makes me want to open the book the most, I think!

  2. Lucy Rowland

    I’m really glad to see Virginia Wolf being published in the UK as it’s such a beautiful book. We managed to get hold of a copy from Canada after seeing it in the IBBY Honour Books 2014, but now I’ll be able to recommend it freely to our students without worrying about them being able to get hold of it (I am a children’s literature librarian for trainee teachers). We’ll also definitely be adding Clive is a Nurse to our collection. The Clive series is great for challenging stereotypes.

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