Guest appearances by David Bowie

I’ve recently spotted several guest appearance by David Bowie in picture books (I love each of these books and encourage you to seek them out, whether or not you’re a Bowie fan). What other pop stars have you seen appear in picture books more than once? Anyone know of any Elvises? Or Lady Gagas? Please do let me know!

Featured Image (on blog front page): By Photographer: Photobra|Adam BielawskiDerivative work: Y2kcrazyjoker4 – David-Bowie_Chicago_2002-08-08_photoby_Adam-Bielawski.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

  1. Simone Fraser

    Oh, I am feeling regretful. The original sketch of a double page in the picture book I am (still) working on had David Bowie in the space suit from ‘Ashes To Ashes,’ as well as Thom Yorke from ‘Lotus Flower’ in the background. I got worried that someone might sue me…. Pity.

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