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campaign to save our local public library

YA Book Prize

CILIP Carnegie Medal

British Library Flickr stream

62 Responses

    • Zoe

      Maybe you can find some chocolates a similar size? I had walked passed these for weeks in the shop thinking how good they would be to turn into books (a bit of strange thought when shopping!) and eventually just decided to give it a go.

  1. Sara stanley

    I’m going to scour Aldi and Lidl for non brand name chocolates – I’d love to get kids to make their own covers and blurbs – wonderfully inspiring as usual zoe

  2. Chantelle

    These are seriously the cutest chocolate bars I have ever seen! Your library is adorable! I hope you are successful in saving your public library! The library I volunteer at was saved because a group of people rallied together and managed to save it by turning it into a community centre (which is a charity) and housing the library in the community centre. They lease the centre out for various activities etc. It is mostly volunteer run.

    I’m organising a YA event at the centre for June 17th and these chocolates would be perfect! I don’t suppose you have The Sin Eater’s Daughter and The Witch’s Kiss cover files do you?

  3. rhian ivory

    I absolutely LOVE this idea. You’re so creative, what a wonderful library and I’m guessing a lot of librarians are going to be borrowing this idea.

    • Zoe

      I’ve emailed one svg file to you to check it arrives ok and that you can open it fine. If it’s pdf files you are after – they can be downloaded by clicking on the pictures above.

  4. Janet

    Hi Zoe

    What a fantastic idea! Please could you email me the svg files. Thank you very much.

    Best regards

  5. Penny Swan

    These are so lovely – will definitely feature in my Carnegie Party!
    thank you so very much. I can see that I will be spending some time looking at your brilliant blog!

    • Zoe

      Hi Susan, I’ve emailed you one file just to check it arrives. If you let me know that it’s arrived safely, I’ll send you the other ones.

  6. Jane Woolfrey

    This looks amazing and will surely capture the imagination of a lot of our students. Echoing comments above, it’s an amazing idea and it’s so kind of you to share it. Please could you email me the svg files? Thank you very much

  7. Jane

    Hi, this is a brilliant idea. I’m having trouble finding the right size chocolates in NZ (but looking & testing is fun!) Please could you email me the .svg file? I would really appreciate it. If I can find appropriate chocolate, I’m thinking of making these for a library function. Would it be ok if I changed some book covers to NZ authors & titles?

  8. Joanna

    Hi Zoe. These are brilliant so thank you. I’m in New Zealand at a school for boys aged 4-13 years old so some of the titles are not going work. Is there any chance you could share your template/method so those of us less tech savvy could make up our own. I would also love to be able to add some New Zealand titles. I would be happy to share any I make. (Covers, not chocolate!)

  9. Lynnette Allen

    I love this idea. I would like to make these as a ‘thank you’ for my Little Librarians. I work at an elementary school, so most of these titles won’t ring a bell to them. Is it possible to get ones made from lower level titles?

  10. Imma Marín

    Hello Zoe,
    Congrats for this great idea. I am a librarian and would love to use it for some of the old books covers from our library. Is it still possible to get the editable file, please?

  11. k

    Hi Zoe,
    I wrote a comment several months asking several questions b/c i loved the idea of this project asking questions about sizing tryed explaining what I was triyng to do as a gift for a friend. I asked you if knew if the brand of cholcate you used was sold in the usa and what chocate brand might work best. I also asked if you had any book covers with travel theams. But it looks like my comment got deleted for no reason even when i check your blog a month ago to see if there was a respose. the comment was still there. But now it has been deleted why?

    • Zoe

      Hi Keira, I’m sorry that you didn’t find the answers you wanted. As I’m not in the US it is hard for me to know whether the chocolates I used are available in the US. I don’t know whether Marks and Spencers (the chain I used) exist in the US. And I’m afraid I only have these book covers.

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