Ice cream books

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This weekend we made ourselves a treat – books out of ice cream!

We cut wafers like these to book proportions…

And then the girls decorated the wafers to look like book covers using icing felt tips (like these from Lakeland)

Next up we cut KitKats to the same height as the “book covers” and once all that was prepped, we got a slab of ice cream out of the freezer and cut our “pages”. The ice cream did melt a bit, but that was good as it made it easy to stick the covers and spine on to each book. The completed books were returned to the freezer for an hour to firm up, and then they were enjoyed as dessert!

  1. Rebecca Narracott

    Hi Zoe, I showed my kids this post and they got SERIOUSLY excited. We are really looking forward to making all your book-inspired goodies once we are back in the UK and have a kitchen + access to ingredients! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration X

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