This page is where I keep various resources I’ve found relating to audiobooks, and particularly audiobooks for kids. If you know of any other useful resources, please email me at zoe.toft *at* kuvik *dot* net

Articles and posts about audiobooks
A article from Books for Keeps written (astonishingly) nearly 23 years ago about the emerging market for books on tape (remember tapes?!) but which is still worth reading today I think for the discussion about the value of audiobooks and the grounds on which you might judge their value.

Reviews of audiobooks
AudioFile – online and print magazine reviewing audiobooks
Books for Ears

Places to buy audiobooks (CDs, tapes, downloads)
The Audiobook Store
Digital Audiobooks
Audible (UK) (US) NB Audible downloads DO NOT WORK on Linux machines.
US readers may want to look at this comparison table for different sources of audiobooks
We also buy quite a lot of our audiobooks from charity shops – tapes in particular are very cheap (20p – 50p is what I’ll typically have to pay).

Free audiobooks
Gutenberg:The Audio Books Project
Books should be free
Free kids’ audiobooks from publisher Sterling

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