Some if the books I review on Playing by the book come from our public library. Some of the books I review are books we’re lucky enough to already own.

However, I am always happy to receive books from authors, illustrators and publishers with a view to a possible review here on Playing by the book.

If you would like to send me a book for review please bear in mind the following:

  • I primarily review books for young children and books that I could read with my own children (who are 10 and 7). This means I’m very happy to receive picture books, non fiction books, early readers, chapter books, audio books, and poetry. I am an avid YA reader and will review YA books, but these will not be informed by sharing the book with my children and such reviews will rarely include extension activities.

  • We particularly love translated children’s books, comics, and especially creative and unusual books. We look for beauty!

  • I do not review eBooks/apps. I do not review electronic copies of books which are available in printed format.

  • Whilst I love to support emerging authors and illustrators, and will gladly spread the word about funding projects, I do not review self published material.

  • I cannot guarantee to review any book I receive – we read and love a great number of books but only those that additionally inspire some sort of play get reviewed here. If a book is utterly brilliant, yet for some reason we don’t following up the reading of that book with a craft activity or play of some sort, we don’t review it here. That said, often I will tweet or otherwise spread the word about great books I’ve received which don’t make it onto the blog. Also, I will often use books I receive for review in my voluntary work at local schools where I run book inspiration sessions, all about getting kids excited about reading.

  • I review books for pleasure! This means that I don’t review to specific deadlines – enjoying my family life always comes before book reviews! That said, if you send me a book for review and would prefer a review around a specific date then I’m willing to consider it. Typically, once I’ve received a review copy it takes 6-8 weeks for a review to appear on the blog.

  • To contact me please email me at zoe (dot) toft (at) kuvik (dot) net

    If you are looking for my PR/Advertising policy you can find it here:

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