Some if the books I review on Playing by the book come from our public library. Some of the books I review are books we’re lucky enough to already own.

However, I am always happy to receive books from authors, illustrators and publishers with a view to a possible review here on Playing by the book.

If you would like to send me a book for review please bear in mind the following:

  • I primarily review books that I could read with my own children (who are 9 and 6). This means I’m very happy to receive picture books, non fiction books, early readers, chapter books, audio books, and poetry. I am an avid YA reader and will review YA books, but these will not be informed by sharing the book with my children and such reviews will rarely include extension ativities.

  • We particularly love translated children’s books, comics, and especially creative and unusual books. We look for beauty!

  • I do not review eBooks/apps. I do not review electronic copies of books which are available in printed format.

  • Whilst I love to support emerging authors and illustrators, and will gladly spread the word about funding projects, I do not review self published material.

  • I cannot guarantee to review any book I receive – we read and love a great number of books but only those that additionally inspire some sort of play get reviewed here. If a book is utterly brilliant, yet for some reason we don’t following up the reading of that book with a craft activity or play of some sort, we don’t review it here. That said, often I will tweet or otherwise spread the word about great books I’ve received which don’t make it onto the blog. Also, I will often use books I receive for review in my voluntary work at local schools where I run book inspiration sessions, all about getting kids excited about reading.

  • I review books for pleasure! This means that I don’t review to specific deadlines – enjoying my family life always comes before book reviews! That said, if you send me a book for review and would prefer a review around a specific date then I’m willing to consider it. Typically, once I’ve received a review copy it takes 6-8 weeks for a review to appear on the blog.

  • To contact me please email me at zoe (dot) toft (at) kuvik (dot) net

    If you are looking for my PR/Advertising policy you can find it here:

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