Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

A recipe for…. well, not what I was expecting!

(1) Take: Five mini dinosaurs Seven riotous adventures A least one snot monster A rather large pile of coprolite-to-be (2) Mix well in the hands of comic creator extraordinaire, Gary Northfield. (3) Find a comfy place to read, where you can giggle and groan to your heart’s delight. You are now perfectly poised to enjoy […]

Chameleon, calm down! A picture book from Brazil

Gisele at Kids Indoors is a passionate sharer of children’s books. She happens to be based in Brazil, but thanks to blogging, our paths have crossed, and recently we swapped a few wordless picture books with each other. She sent me some real gems, but our absolute favourite has to be Calma, Camaleão! [Chameleon, calm […]

2 books which shouldn’t be shelved: High Times and Swan Lake

Once you’ve finished a book what do you do with it? Shelve it away so it can barely be seen? How about, instead, exhibiting it on a window sill or mantelpiece to invite comment, to become an ever present part of your life? Not all books lend themselves to this of course, but High Times: […]

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