Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Book reviews by 6 year olds in the local bookshop

As part of the celebrations for Children’s Book Week at M and J’s school, all Year 2 children (aged 6-7) wrote a short book review for display in our local bookshop, Waterstones. The idea behind this was to encourage them to visit a book shop, to talk about their favourite books, and to give them […]

Costumes for Book Day

For our special day off timetable as part of Children’s Book Week all children, staff and volunteers at M and J’s school were encouraged to come in dressed as a book character. I had had big plans for gorgeous costumes that allowed me to buy new fabric and play with my sewing machine but I […]

Setting up a School Book Exchange

[Doing a little dance :-)] Today is the start of Children’s Book Week here in the UK! I’ll be at M and J’s school today launching a book exchange, our first big activity for Children’s Book Week. The idea for this grew out of the fact that our local library closed 18 months ago and […]

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