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Favourite reads of 2013 as chosen by 25 (children’s) authors and illustrators (and me)

This time of year the colour supplements and review sections of newspapers always feature articles I enjoy, with authors recommending their favourite reads of the past year. But these articles rarely feature authors and illustrators whose work is enjoyed by the 0-teens. Whilst the Children’s Laureate or a media-genic YA/Crossover author might be included, the […]

Interviews with Emma Chichester Clark, H.M Castor and more!

The powers that be are clearly concerned about keeping me out of mischief! This week I’ve been busying interviewing another host of authors and illustrators who are speaking at the FCBG’s Conference later this month. Here’s my interview with the wonderful illustrator (and past patron of the International Edible Book Festival) Emma Chichester Clark. Here’s […]

The Edible Book Festival – The Grand Finale!

First and foremost, I have to congratulate every single one of you who took part in the Edible Book Festival here on Playing by the book. I was astounded by the quality and quantity of entries, and very quickly came to be grateful I was not having to judge them! I am most grateful to […]

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