Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

The 2014 Summer Picture Book Party

My girls were away for a couple of days last week staying on their own at their grandparents and whilst I LOVED having a bit more time to myself, I couldn’t resist a special welcome home picture book party; a day spent reading, playing, eating and dancing. On the evening they arrived home I gave […]

Hervé Tullet ‘s journey through books, authors and artists who have influenced him

Hervé Tullet is the creator of some of the most creative, fun picture books I know. Last year he received particular acclaim for Press Here (my review is here), but his activity books are also amazing (we’re particular fans of Doodle Cook). Earlier this week I got to chat with him over email about the […]

Cooking together with pens and pencils

Here’s a great recipe for a contented, creative family meal: Ingredients 1 brilliantly inventive illustrator 1 set of pens / pencils / crayons of your choice 1 activity book 1 parent very busy cooking lots and lots with at least one child getting under their feet Instructions 1. Take a deep breath, stop snapping at […]

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