Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Hervé Tullet ‘s journey through books, authors and artists who have influenced him

Hervé Tullet is the creator of some of the most creative, fun picture books I know. Last year he received particular acclaim for Press Here (my review is here), but his activity books are also amazing (we’re particular fans of Doodle Cook). Earlier this week I got to chat with him over email about the […]

Cooking together with pens and pencils

Here’s a great recipe for a contented, creative family meal: Ingredients 1 brilliantly inventive illustrator 1 set of pens / pencils / crayons of your choice 1 activity book 1 parent very busy cooking lots and lots with at least one child getting under their feet Instructions 1. Take a deep breath, stop snapping at […]

The magic and enjoyment of suspending disbelief

Do you enjoy suspending disbelief when you read? For me it can be like entering into a secret pact with the book, forming a special bond of trust, being cocooned in little bubble of escapism and magic. It seems to me that children’s books can be especially brilliant at enabling, encouraging their readers to suspend […]

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