Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Favourite reads of 2013 as chosen by 25 (children’s) authors and illustrators (and me)

This time of year the colour supplements and review sections of newspapers always feature articles I enjoy, with authors recommending their favourite reads of the past year. But these articles rarely feature authors and illustrators whose work is enjoyed by the 0-teens. Whilst the Children’s Laureate or a media-genic YA/Crossover author might be included, the […]

An interview with Jackie Morris

Jackie Morris creates illustrations that make you stop and stare. Even though she has over 30 books to her name, each time I see her work I still find myself gazing, under something of a magical spell, for her artwork is mysterious, beautiful, haunting and tender. So, as a longstanding fan you can imagine I […]

What do cats dream of?

I am Cat by Jackie Morris is an elegiac hymn about the regal, proud and stunningly beautiful nature of wild cats. The book opens with the eponymous Cat, a domestic ginger tom, sleeping and dreaming, dreaming of other cats’ lives; of the Cheetah, “the sharp-eyed running cat, / fast as the wind over the bleached […]

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