Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Free activity sheets from Jan Brett, Tom Lichtenheld and Rosemary Wells

Today’s contribution to my series on free activity sheets from children’s authors and illustrators has an American feel to it, with fun from Jan Brett, Tom Lichtenheld and Rosemary Wells. Jan Brett‘s books are known and loved for their colourful and detailed illustrations often inspired by particular cultures from around the world. Her best-known titles […]

What does Christmas mean to your kids?

Woo hoo! Since writing my last post it has snowed properly! The kids are thrilled, the sledge is getting daily use and the delight in the snow hasn’t yet worn off M and J have also had their first Christmas presents of the season – the evening of December the 5th is traditionally when (“good”) […]

Clucking about chicken books

My mum recently realised a long held ambition – to start keeping chickens. She’s got three little hens, Pippi Longstocking (because she’s so adventurous), Mabel and Rosie, and recently M and J got to meet them for the first time. In honour of these new members of the extended family we’ve been reading lots and […]

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