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Favourite reads of 2013 as chosen by 25 (children’s) authors and illustrators (and me)

This time of year the colour supplements and review sections of newspapers always feature articles I enjoy, with authors recommending their favourite reads of the past year. But these articles rarely feature authors and illustrators whose work is enjoyed by the 0-teens. Whilst the Children’s Laureate or a media-genic YA/Crossover author might be included, the […]

2nd set of free activity sheets from authors and illustrators – Summer 2012

Welcome to my second Summer round up of free activity sheets from authors and illustrators – whether the rain is continuing to pour where you are, or you just need to keep the kids happy for half an hour whilst you get on with something else, hopefully there’s something for you here today. Click on […]

Six Little Chicks

Six Little Chicks by Jez Alborough is a cracking little story for this time of year. Mother hen already has 5 little chicks but the 6th is yet to hatch. Torn between keeping an eye on her new hatchlings playing outside the coop and keeping the 6th egg warm, Mother hen is helped by the […]

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