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Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

8 Children’s Book Illustrators with online shops

It seems a good time of year to quickly share with you some lovely online shops where you can buy beautiful objects and art from various children’s book illustrators. Have fun browsing! Leigh Hodgkinson, illustrator of ‘Goldilocks and the Just One Bear’, ‘Don’t Put your Pants on your Head, Fred’, and ‘Troll Swap’, among many […]

2 more fabulous read alouds with rude bits

“Do your briefs give you grief in the morning? Do your knickers get tied up in knots? Are you forced to wear tight, itchy, brown ones Or long, floppy, grey ones with spots?” Don’t worry, I’m not asking for full disclosure in the comments, I simply wanted to give you a flavour of the cheeky […]

2nd set of free activity sheets from authors and illustrators – Summer 2012

Welcome to my second Summer round up of free activity sheets from authors and illustrators – whether the rain is continuing to pour where you are, or you just need to keep the kids happy for half an hour whilst you get on with something else, hopefully there’s something for you here today. Click on […]

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